Mr. Scott

    Strategies Class Syllabus 2015-16


    Hello and Welcome Students and Parents!


    I have been a coach at CHS for the past fourteen years. This is my eighth year as a classroom instructor. My expertise is building relationships and teaching others to do the same within a life/social skills/character building strategy. As an Instructor at Chandler High, I stress the importance of leadership within the same life/social skill strategy, along with hard work and dedication to ones self, and goals in life.


    The class is designed for students to be successful. I will TEACH, ENFORCE, ADVOCATE, and MODEL with MOTIVATION. It is the student’s responsibility to become a success! I truly believe, “If you want it, you work for it, you will get it!”


    In the first few weeks, we will be setting up our “Getting Organized”, notebooks so that we get ready to take on the notes, assignments, and evaluations for this school year. We will set goals, and become familiar with our strengths and weaknesses. Students will become familiar with the rules and expectations, policies, and opportunities of Chandler High, as well as my classroom.


    In the weeks that follow, we will be participating and learning strategies which will help us on the road to success. The strategies will include:


    Goal Setting

    Organizational Skills
    Career Research
     Note taking Strategies

    Test taking strategies



    Proper participation in class will be a major part of your grade. The in class work will also be factored in as well as testing and homework completion. Points will be earned when these responsibilities have been accounted for.



    Grading goes as follows:

    90% - 100% = A

    80% - 89% = B

    70% - 79% = C

    60% - 69% = D

    Below 60% = F


    There will be opportunities to complete work from other classes, and the expectation is to get this work done. If YOU CHOOSE not to participate or perform in this class you may be assigned a detention appearance with little credit given.


    I plan to follow the attendance and tardy policy given by the CHS administration. You are responsible for knowing and following those guidelines.


    Interruption in the class will result in an assigned consequence from myself or CHS ADMINISTRATION.  I do not plan to have any problems in the class, and if you do have a problem, I can be understanding if you approach me and speak to me. I do not like to write behavior referrals, and will attempt to avoid doing so, depending on the situation. 


    If you have any questions, you may email me at; scott.russell@cusd80.com


    *Office hours for tutoring      

     Tuesday and Thursday    2:30pm-3:15pm