• World History

    Semester One: Unit and Topic Coverage

    Unit I: Ancient Civilizations

    Classical Greece: Chapter 4 Section 1.

    Warring City – States: Chapter 4 Section 2 – 5.

    Unit II: World In Transition

    Ancient Rome: Chapter 5 Section 1 & 2.

    Early Christianity: Chapter 5 Section 3 – 5.

    Unit III: A New Way of Thinking in Europe

    Scientific Revolution: Chapter 17 Section 1.

    The Enlightenment: Chapter 17 Sections 2 & 3.

    Unit IV: Enlightenment Ideas In Action: Political Revolution Around the World

    English Civil War, Commonwealth & Glorious Revolution: Chapter 14 Section 2.

    The American Revolution: Chapter 17 Section 4.

    Unit V: Political Revolution in France

    The French Revolution & Napoleon: Chapter 23 Section 1 – 5.

    Revolution in Latin America: Chapter 24 Section 1.

    Unit VI: Industrial Revolution

    Political, Economic & Social Causes & Effects: Chapter 25 All Sections.

    Nineteenth Century Progress: Chapter 26 Section 4.

    Unit VII: Imperialism v.s. Nationalism:

    A conceptual approach by definition only. Chapter 21 All sections.

    · A unit exam will be given at the end of each unit.

    Activities & Assignments:

    Each unit will have several assignments that will be gathered into packets and turned for grading at the end of each unit.

    Packets typically include the following: Lecture notes, Vocabulary, Worksheets, Maps and Quizzes.

    Students will be expected to participate in Class Discussions and Group Projects.

    Students will also be expected to read all necessary material from the text that will be monitored by taking short quizzes.

    Major Projects & Assignments:

    Group & Individual Research Projects

    • Oral class presentations will accompany all projects.