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Dr. Mary Ploense

I am poud to be a member of the Chandler High School Science Department teaching AP/IB as well as Core Chemistry and, more importantly, call myself a Wolf!  I am passionate about sharing my love of science and believe that taught well, most students would agree that chemistry is one of the most interesting, fun, and exciting classes they will take in high school. My guiding educational philosophy is that learning science is a lot more about asking questions than getting answers, thus I strive to actively engage all students in my classroom every day. 

Concerned with the continuing disproportionately low number of females pursuing higher education in the physical sciences and their related career fields, I believe that you have to hook them young. Research has shown that by the time students enter their freshman year they have formed hard and fast beliefs about the subjects at which they excel and those at which they do not.  Lack of encouragement and self-confidence seem to be two of the major reasons young women in particular withdraw from science; I hope to change their minds.

Before coming to Chandler, I taught in the Mesa and Florence School Districts and am also an adjunct faculty member at Central Arizona College where I teach freshman chemistry courses. I am an alum of Texas A&M University (MS and BS) and Colorado State (PhD). When temperature and time allow, I enjoy hiking the Sonoran Desert and  identifying unfamiliar native plant species.