• Chandler Men's

    Track and Field


    As of 1/13/2012
                      Present                                                                                          Past

    100m (10.60e) Bryce Lamb 2009                                       *Derique Powell (10.5c) 1975

    200m (21.41e) Bryce Lamb 2009                                       Markus Wheaton (21.42e) 2009

    400m (46.80e) Markus Wheaton 2009                                      Ronnie Williams (48.16e) 1978
    800m (1:54.78) Jared Gonzales 2010                                   Alvin Aguire (1:55.7) 1976                                                                       

    1600m (4:18.0h) Abel Fernandez 1980                               Jose Fernandez (4:19.1) 1975

    3200m (9:19.0h) Abel Fernandez 1980                               Mike Torrez (9:28.2) 1976

    110H (13.98e) Ashtyn Lamb 2007                                      KayBrin Stevenson (14.31e) 2005

    300IM (37.48e) Yusuf Muhammad 2010                              Dion Jordan (38.23e) 2007

    LJ (24'9”) Bryce Lamb 2008                                            Josh Jordan (24'8”) 2001

    TJ (52'6”) SR Bryce Lamb 2009                                        Daniel Helzer SR (47'2") 2001

    HJ (7'0”) Daniel Reynoso 2001                                        Jack Nance (6'9”) 1978

    PV (15'9") SR Manuel Gonzalez 1973                                 Mario Ray (15'2")  1969

    SP (62'0 ½ ”) Marty van Gorder 1977                               Jim Saye (53'1") 1963

    D (175'7”) Cameron Jordan 2007                                     Marty van Gorder (173'0”) 1977

    4x100 (41.09e) SR Steven Jackson, Markus Wheaton, Marc Anthony, Bryce Lamb 2008
    4x100 (41.39e) Pre Steven Jackson, Harold Bernard, Marc Anthony, Bryce Lamb 2007
    4x400 (3:18.87e) Yusuf Muhammad, Deselle Dean, Jared Gonzales**, Markus Wheaton 2009
    4x400 (3:18.96e) Joey Lucas, Paul Gonzales**, James Woods, Tyrone Byrd 1987
    4x800 (8:00.14e) Deselle Dean, Andrew Hagler, Terrence Garcia, Jared Gonzales 2010
    4x800 (8:06.41e) Phillipe Gonzales, Ryan Young, Nathan Wallace, DeWayne Evans 2000
    Legend: SR- State Record> h- hand-timed> e- electronic (FAT)> Pre- preliminary> **-Father/Son
    *Derique Powell 100m time is a conversion from yards to meters. Accutrack was a timing system that was used at the Luke-Greenway Championships. He would run the 100 yard dash in 9.48 (no wind reading recorded or results available) in which a 1.103 would be added and then rounded up. We are making every effort to ensure that our records are updated and correct. However the 10.60e by Bryce Lamb had a legal wind reading will be recognized as the legit 100m record.  as of 8/3/2011
    Note: Throughout the year there have been times and distances that are better than  the "past records" accomplishments listed! We are working on a top 10/25 list to help pay tribute to those once "great thinclads" that need to be recognized as such.