• English 10

    Class Expectations & Syllabus

    Teacher: Mrs. Ellsworth

    Room: 508

    Phone# 812-7834

    Course Description 
     This course emphasizes writing skills, literature and vocabulary.  Writing activities will emphasize organizing, developing, editing and revising compositions. Literature studies will introduce literary terms, critical and analytical reading, and appreciation of literature. In addition to short stories and poetry, students will read and study: Of Mice and Men, The Book Thief and Shakespeare’s Othello. Students will also write an argumentative evidence-based research paper as well as informative essays and literary analyses..


     Materials Needed:

    Come prepared to class. Bring with you:

    1. Paper

    2. Pencil and/or blue or black pen


     The CHS attendance and tardy policies will be followed. Anyone not in the classroom when the bell rings, will be swept.  

    Semester Final Exam Policy:

    All students must take the final. Chandler High School no longer has a finals exemption policy.


     Classroom Code of Conduct:

    1. Come to class prepared.

    2. Respect everyone at all times.

    Bell Work:

    Each class will begin with a warm-up. As soon as the tardy bell rings, the warm-up will begin. Bell work points cannot be made up for tardies or unexcused absences.

    Bathroom Passes:

    Each student will receive 4 per quarter. Passes cannot be used the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class. Any passes not used can be turned in for extra credit.


    No food or drinks, (except water), in class.

    Cell phones etc: Put them on silent. Put them away. Earbuds must be out of both ears! If I see or hear them, they will be taken away. All other electronic devices in use will be taken away. Electronic devices may only be used for classroom purposes and with teacher permission.

    No hats: They are against dress code, so don't bring them to school. 
    Language: Keep it clean, keep it respectful. 


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