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    AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. AVID is a college prep elective class AND program designed to take students in the academic middle and get them not just into college, but give them the skills to graduate from college.


    Who is the "academic middle" ?


    Students in the middle tend to do well in their favorite class, and in the others are content to gets B's or C's. They don't attract attention and are happy just to "get by". Generally, they are under represented in high school and more than likely, will be first generation college attendees in their family. These are the students that we strive to identify and place in AVID. Always feel free to pass along a name you feel would benefit from this program.


    How can AVID help in the classroom?


    Students will learn about different strategies that can be used in the classroom, not only to help the AVID kids but ALL kinds of students. Please check out the national AVID website to learn more about our program.