• Currently at ASU, a full-load of classes costs over $3000 per semester.  Additional costs are books and transportation. 
    Why not earn those credits while still in high school and save A LOT of money and time? 
     You will be in the class doing the same rigorous work...
    why not earn college credit at the same time?
    There are many different options:
    AP                     DUAL ENROLLMENT            CLEP                 IB
    AP Exams cost $92
    Financial assistance is available.
    All level 4, 5, 6 language classes prepare students for the AP LANGUAGE exam
    AP LANGUAGE - Exams in May
    earn up to 14 college credits
    Our "Herencia" class prepares students for AP SPANISH LITERATURE.  Native speakers can take this course in their 3rd year of language study, and non-native speakers can take this course at Level 6.
    AP LITERATURE - Exam in May
    earn up to 14 additional college credits
    Spanish only
    IB Logo
    INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) - HL exams (SL exams available for full diploma candidates)
    (Certificate or Diploma)
    Non-Diploma amd Diploma candidates can take the Higher Level language exam at level 5 of language study. *Spanish, French, German*
    DUAL ENROLLMENT Credit through Chandler Gilbert Community College
    Cost is approximately $84 per credit. 
    Students do not sit for a special exam, they earn credit by doing the regular course work and earning a 'C' or better.
    Spanish 3 = Spa 101, Spa 202 = 8 credits
    Spanish 4 = Spa 201, Spa 202 = 8 credits
    Spanish 5 = Spa 265, Spa 266 = 6 credits
    Herencia = Spa 235, Spa 236 = 6 credits
    French 3  = Fre 101, Fre 102 = 8 credits
    French 4 = Fre 201, Fre 202 = 8 credits
    German 3  = Ger 101, Ger 102 = 8 credits
    German 4  = Ger 201, Ger 202 = 8 credits
     CLEP (College Level Placement Exams) - Exams in May at CLEP testing facilities.
    earn up to 16 college credits (equivalent to 101, 102, 201, 202). 
    The cost of the exam is  $85.
    Talk to your World Language teacher for more specific information about each exam.  Don't miss your chance to start college as a (...or nearly a...) SOPHOMORE!