WP 100 - 400 Wellness Program

     It is AFJROTC policy that cadets be capable of participating in the school’s standard physical education program as a condition for admission into the cadet corps.  Both Title 10 USC and DODI 1205.13 reference the enrollment requirement of physically fit students.

     The AFJROTC wellness program at Chandler High School is designed to develop leaders of character who are physically and mentally tough by engaging cadets in activities that promote and enhance a healthy life style, physical fitness, movement behavior, and psychomotor performance.  Wellness class (WP 100) will normally be held every Friday.  Uniform for the Wellness Program class is the issued AFJROTC PT uniform.  All students are required to “dress out” for their Wellness Program class in the prescribed uniform.  The goal of the wellness program is to motivate cadets to lead active, healthy lifestyles beyond program requirements that continue into their adult lives.  Focus is on individual base line improvements in each event to create an individual training/improvement plan.  All cadets will be evaluated and graded on their 1-mile run time, as well as the number of pushups that they complete in 1 minute and the number of sit-ups that they complete in 1 minute.  Cadets will be given the opportunity to put into practice the wellness concepts that are taught in their Leadership Education classes.  The Wellness Program (WP) will comprise 20% of your overall class time.  (Integrated into Aerospace Science)


    Note: Successful completion of three semesters of AFJROTC fulfills the Chandler High School graduation requirement for PE (physical education).