How much do AP exams cost and how do I pay for it?

    AP Exams cost $100 ($142 AP Capstone) per exam and are nonrefundable. The fees can be paid through Infinite Campus Parent Portal or in the bookstore on campus. 


    Scholarships are available for students that are taking AP Exams and IB exams or need any type of financial assistance. Please see your AP teacher, our bookstore manager, or Mrs. Clancy in the front office for more information.


    Students enrolled in AP courses that are also eligible for dual enrollment can take advantage of both opportunities. Bring record of your dual enrollment course to receive a discount on your AP test. Please note that in most instances there is a difference in the type of credit earned for dual enrollment versus Advanced Placement. AP credits will yield subject-specific credits at 4-year colleges and universities. These credits will transfer to the majority of out-of-state colleges and universities. Dual-enrollment credits are often general studies credits that are honored by community colleges as well as Arizona state colleges and universities. These credits often do not transfer out-of-state.

    Making a Payment on Infinite Campus Parent Portal

    1. Log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal: https://campus.cusd80.com/campus/portal/chandler.jsp
    2. Next, (located at the bottom, left) select “More”
    3. On the right side of the new page select “InTouch HS Fee Payment”
    4. Now, you should be able to select the student that has the AP course fee.
    5. You should see “Pay Fines & Fees” bar indicating you have a fee.
    6. If you have received a scholarship or are approved for Free and Reduced Lunch, then you must pay in the bookstore. 


    Notes about payment:

    • You can pay in person in the CHS bookstore. You must show your class schedule so you know which tests you want to sign up for.
    • If you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch fee reduction, please allow us a week after registration to verify this. We will update your Infinite Campus account to reflect a reduced fee of $25.
    • If you are taking an AP exam for Duel Enrollment, we will reduce the fee for that exam to half price- $50.00.

    How to pay through Infinite Campus Parent Portal:

    • Log into Parent Portal (not student)
    • Click link on bottom left- “InTouch HS Fee Payments”
    • Select the student
    • Select “Items At Student’s School”
    • Click on “Testing and Test Prep Fees”
    • Select the number of tests you will be taking.

    AP Scholarships are available! You can pick up your scholarship request form from your AP teacher, the bookstore, or Mrs. Clancy in the front office. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Clancy in the Dean Office- clancy.renee@cusd80.com or 480-812-7977