• Biology Course Statement 2016-2017

    Teacher: Ms. Andrews

    Email: Andrews.Amalia@cusd80.com                                                Phone: (480)812-7831                  Room: 505

    Student Needs:

    1.       To learn in a positive, respectful, fun and safe environment

    2.      Opportunity to learn and work with others in a productive manner

    3.       To be accepted as an individual, yet be a cohesive part of a group

    4.      A caring, charismatic and enthusiastic teacher who consistently gives 100%  to ensure a successful student

    Teacher Needs:

    1.       To be able to teach in a positive, respectful and orderly classroom

    2.      To be prepared and provide structure and routine

    3.       Attention and participation from all students

    4.      Appropriate behavior from students

    5.       A desire to learn and a willingness to do the work

    Rules:                                                                                                                                   Consequences:

    1.       Come to class on time and prepared                                                      1. Warning

    2.      Be respectful                                                                                                    2. Phone call home

    3.       Raise your hand to speak                                                                             3. Office referral

    4.      Do not be disruptive

    5.       NO CELL PHONES!!

    6.      No gum, food or drinks other than water

    7.       Bell does not dismiss the class, I do

    Attendance and Tardiness:  It is imperative that you are in class every day. A missed science lecture/assignment is not easily made up. You must follow proper procedures for absences/tardies (refer to the student handbook for attendance contact numbers and policies). If a student is tardy, a pass is needed for entry into the classroom.  If you are late without a pass, report to sweeps!

    Make up Policy and Corrections:  Students have the chance to make up work for excused absences. If you miss an assignment or notes, please refer to my schoolwires page for updates, or check the daily calendar and homework bin for missing work.  Test corrections can be made on any test or quiz for full credit. Students must come in during office hours to complete work.  Any notes, worksheets and study guides may be used on corrections!!!

    Exams/Quizzes:  There will be an exam at the end of each unit, and exams. Many quizzes will be given throughout the semester; some will be announced and some will be pop quizzes.  Remember, quizzes are not punishments; they are to monitor your progress.

    Grading Policy

    A = 90-100                         C = 70-79                             F = Below 60

    B = 80-89                            D = 60-69                            THERE IS NO ROUNDING GRADES!!



    Weighted Grades are as follows:

    Exams = 30%                    Homework and Labs = 20%      

    Quizzes = 20%                 Classwork = 30%


    Bathroom Breaks:  To use the restroom, it is very important that you fill out the sign out sheet completely.  Do not interrupt the class; just make sure you make eye contact with me before leaving the classroom.  Upon returning to class, please write down your returning time.

    Science Notebook:  This is a requirement.  It will be used for a completion of warm-ups, notes and assignments.  It will be checked often and graded.  By the end of the year, you will have created a study guide for the class that will be an important tool for end of semester final exams.

    Office Hours and Extra Help:  I have office hours Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school from 215 until 400 in room 505.  I am also available by appointment. 

    My goal is to maximize your learning by providing a safe, accepting and encouraging environment. I expect you to try the best you can and if your best is not good enough, we will work as a team to overcome the barriers. 

    Best wishes,

    Ms. Amalia (Amy) Andrews