• Ms. Andrews’ Course Statement & Classroom Policies

    Human Biology (Human Anatomy & Physiology – BIO160)


    Contact Information

    Phone: (480) 812-7831

    E-mail: Andrews.amalia@cusd80.com

    Schoolwires: http://www.mychandlerschools.org/ (select Chandler High; click on “Faculty”, click on “Andrews,



    Course Prerequisites

    Passed Biology & Chemistry with at least a “C” average

    Course Description

    Human Anatomy is a course designed to define anatomy & physiology and discuss the functional processes & systems common to all living organisms.  The 3 essential concepts that will form the basis for the study of the human body are as follows:  the complementarity of structure & function, the hierarchy of structural organization and homeostasis. 


    Topics to be Discussed/Labs to be Performed

    First Semester                                                                                  Second Semester

    1.                   Levels of Organization                                                                 1.            Endocrine System

    - Ghost Lab (1I)


    2.                  Integumentary System                                                 2.            Cardiovascular System

    - UV Bead Lab (2I)                                                                          - Mystery Blood Stain Lab (6I)

    - Heart Dissection (3D)

                                                                                                                    - Cardio Fitness Lab (7I)

    3.                   Skeletal System                                                              

    - Rubber Bones Lab (3I)                                                               3.            Respiratory & Lymphatic Systems         

    - Forensics Bone Lab (4I)


    4.                  Muscular System                                                             4.            Digestive System

    - Biochemical Analysis/pH Food Lab (8I)


    5.                   Nervous System                                                              5.            Urinary System

    - Reflex Lab (5I)                                                                                               - Urinalysis Lab

    - Brain & Spinal Cord Dissection              (1D)                                       - Kidney Dissection (4D)

    - Eye Dissection (2D)

                                                                                                    6.            Reproductive Systems



    Text & Required Materials

    Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology (7th edition) – Martini               (ISBN: 0-13-195644-2)

    Lined paper or composition notebook, Pens (Blue/Black)/pencils, Colored pencils      

    Optional: highlighters, calculator, camera (labs)                                            


     Grading Scale

    A (4.0) = 90-100%                          B (3.0) = 80-89%                             C (2.0) = 70-79%

    D (1.0) = 60-69%                             F (0.0) = Below 60%


    The semester grades will be calculated from the combination of test & quiz scores, lab abstracts & classwork/ homework. The following is a list of how these items are weighted:

                    Tests (including Final Exams)   =             30%                                       Labs                      =             30%

                    Homework/Classwork                   =             30%                                       Quizzes               =             10%


    Classroom Policies

    Our class is a place of inquiry, learning, discovery, study & fun.  With this in mind, I expect my students to follow these rules:


    1.       Respect the people (yourself, other classmates & teachers & Ms. Andrews), equipment & furnishings of the room (this includes safety)! My expectation is that the classroom is a safe place so that Questions & discussions are always welcome.

    2.      Comes to class prepared & ready to learn by bringing ALL materials requested.

    3.       Follow the directions the first time they are given.  If you are unsure of the directions, ask me!

    4.   No food or drinks (except water) in class.  If brought in, please leave them on the teacher's desk.


    Cheating Policy:

    1.       No cheating! 

    2.      According to CHS Student Handbook, CHEATING is any act of deceiving & includes, but is not limited to:  

            Copying another person's test answers, allowing someone else to copy test answers, copying another person's homework or Lab reports, allowing someone else to copy homework or Lab reports, using "Cheat sheets" of any kind unless allowed by Ms. Andrews, copying portions of reports from books, encyclopedias, magazines, internet sources or other students' work without giving credit to the people who wrote the reports, copying and turning in reports other than your own work, and divulging test questions and answers to other students.

    3.    Any suspicion of copying/copying of work will result in a “0” for both parties (even if not participating in the copying). A phone call home will be required with suspected parties present. A referral will be written & given to the Assistant Principal in charge of discipline stating there has been an issue regarding plagiarism. 



    SWEEPS will take place!  If you are caught in a SWEEP, you will be escorted to the cafeteria & kept there for the remainder of the period & your attendance will be recorded as an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.




    1.   Absences must be excused on the day (within 24 hrs) of the absence by a parent/guardian.

    2.   Make-up work is completely the responsibility of the student!

    3.   Check the Human Anatomy Make-up Work Calendar and Assignments Bin for missed assignments & due dates. Do NOT ask me about make-up work unless you have checked the calendar & do NOT interrupt classtime!

    4.    For every day you are out, you have one day to make up an assignment.

    EXCEPTION: Lab Abstracts are due ONE week from the date they are performed regardless of absences.  You MUST make up your lab & write an Abstract within that week.

    5.   Test or quiz make-ups must be arranged on your own time within 3 days of returning.

    6.   Lab/Test Make-up times: During Office Hours Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thrusdays in Rm 505



    All work should be completed so you will not fall behind, but NO CREDIT will be given.


    Assignments & Due Dates

    1. All due dates for assignments will be posted in class & on Schoolwires & should be recorded in your CHS planner/calendar.
    2. Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period unless otherwise stated by the teacher.

    2 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT PASSES are assigned per semester.  These passes may be used to earn FULL credit on an incomplete homework assignment & must be stapled to the assignment with your name on it.  Assignments MUST be at least 1/2 complete to use the Homework Pass. These passes are YOUR responsibility.  If they are lost/stolen, they will NOT be replaced. These passes can be used any time during the semester.

    * Homework Passes do NOT apply to Take-Home Quizzes, in-class assignments/presentations, essays or labs. 

            3.    Extra help/tutoring is available during Advisory Time or in Science Learning Center. Before school, during lunch & after school help is by appointment only.


    Restroom/Drink Policy

    1.       Students may use the bathroom when they need but it is recommended that they use Passing Period to use the bathroom & get a drink instead of during class.

    2.      You must sign out on the Hall Pass Check Out-In Sheet & take the Blue Hall Pass. 


    Uninvited Items

    1.       ALL electrical items (cell phones, iPods, headsets, games) will be confiscated and are not allowed or permitted for use on campus. Parents will be notified. The following are the steps administration will take:

                  1st offense – verbal warning (“Put it away!”) & name written in my logbook

                  2nd offense – item confiscated & kept until end of class, parent called with student present

                  3rd offense – item turned in to administration, parent called & must pick up after school

    2.      ALL grooming materials (make-up, brushes, etc) MUST be kept out of sight or they will be confiscated and thrown away! These are considered safety hazards in a laboratory setting & are not allowed.


    Lab Assignments

    Lab Abstracts

    All lab exercises will be discussed & graded. Two lab exercises for the year will be graded via a Lab Abstract (worth 100 pts/each; 1 investigational lab & 1 dissection lab), which will be completed & turned in one week after the lab was performed (NO EXCEPTIONS). Lab Abstract labs will be decided at the beginning of the year by a lottery-style assignment.  All Lab Abstracts MUST BE TYPED & STAPLED. All Data Tables & Graphs MUST BE COMPUTER-GENERATED. NO hand-written Lab Abstracts will be accepted.


    Clear, detailed information presented in well-developed, thoughtful, grammatically-correct paragraphs are NECESSARY & EXPECTED for success on Lab Abstracts. Lab group members are encouraged to discuss lab abstract sections & ideas before leaving class. My suggestion is to have a log of contact information for each lab group member so that you can further discuss lab exercises & writing, if necessary.



    There will be multiple specimen dissections performed over the course of the year. FULL PARTICIPATION in lab exercises is mandatory for the completion of the investigation and your success & learning in this course. Therefore, you may choose from one of the following options for participation in the planned dissections:

    ·         Fully participate by actively-engaging in the dissection of the specimen with the appropriate lab materials

    ·         Watch the dissection of the specimen by other lab members

    ·         Participate in a computer-based dissection and/or computer research for Lab Abstract (for RELIGIOUS or PERSONAL REASONS; please contact me before dissections to make arrangements)


    Dual Enrollment Opportunity

    Dual Enrollment for enrolling in & passing (with at least a “C”) this course is available through Chandler-Gilbert Community College for BIO 160. A total of 4.0 credits can be earned for BIO 160 (Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology) upon enrolling in Chandler-Gilbert Community College & paying the appropriate enrollment & tuition fees.



    Other thoughts...

    Science is not just found in textbooks & labs...it is EVERYWHERE around us!  I hope to encourage you to investigate issues or topics that are interesting to you.  The more you put in to this class & into your world, the more you will receive back!   Let's have a great year!






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