• Principles in Leadership - 1/2 elective credit, can be repeated for credit
    • Pre-requisites - students must be a 10th, 11th, or 12th grader. Leaders do not need to be a Link Leader, but it helps!
    • This class is a study of leadership in the following areas: Communication, Decision-making, Diversity, Conflict-Resolution, Self-Awareness and Organization
    • Leaders will participate in team-building activities and low element trust building activities.
    • Leaders will write weekly reflections on leadership quotes, personal growth and experiences from the class.
    • Leaders will help plan and organize CHS Link Crew activities
    • Leaders will study leadership through a variety of units
    • Leaders will participate in the Peer Mediation program
    Grading Policy:
    The primary goal of this course is to provide the leader with information to provide for self-reflection and evaluation of the current leadership skills. The course will also present tools in which to sharpen the leader's amount of effectiveness and inpact in their current surroundings (classroom, home and family unit, athletic team, peer groups etc). It is the responsibility of the leader to make the most of the leadership experiences that are presented.
    Class Participation - 20%
         Classroom activities may include: log of leadership quotes, responses to articles or other leadership sources, teambuilding activites etc.
    Discussion - 20%
         Leaders will earn points for active participation in class dicussions, role-plays, debates, question and answer sessions etc. If a Leader does not voice their opinion, they will not receive any points!
    Projects - 20%
       As a part of each unit, a capstone project will be given. Projects are the opportunity to clearly show an understanding of key concepts and elements of           leadership. Late projects will have a 20% deduction for each day it is late.
    Link Crew - 20%
        Leaders will earn valuable, practical experience planning, organizing and maintain the Link Crew program at CHS. Leaders will plan Link Crew social and academic followups, communicate information to the Link Leaders, run Link lunch meetings, and evaluate the effectiveness of the Link Crew program.
    Quizzes - 20%
        During each unit, assessments will be given in the forms of quizzes. Quizzes will be in written format and contain a variety of question type including: T/F, multiple choice, short answer and essay.
    click here for assignments and classroom notes
    Out of the Wild video series
    click here for Out of Wild worksheet
    Guest speaker tazes Sr Gray
    **The CHS final exam policy will be followed: to choose the final exam incentive, a student must meet two requirements:
    4 or less absences/tardies during the semester, and achieve at least a 75% at the end of the semester. Students who are eligible for the incentive may choose to take the final to better their grade without the final exam hurting their grade. The final exam for this class will be worth 20% of the overall grade.