• Jessica Peacock                            Mrs. Peacock & her husband

    My name is Jessica Peacock and I will be your child’s teacher for this year. This will be my ninth year teaching Special Education at Chandler High.   I graduated from ASU with a degree in Special Education and am considered highly qualified in the area of intellectual disabilities.   I have been working with this population for over twelve years and started my career in education at CHS as a paraprofessional.   I am looking forward to bringing my experiences and prior knowledge to the classroom and creating an effective program for educating your child.
    My philosophy of teaching is one based in collaboration and cooperation, both with students, other teachers, and most importantly parents. It is very important to me as a teacher that I have an open line of communication with parents. This will allow you as parents and me as the teacher to be aware of all issues (good or bad) that relate to the students’ education and needs. I will be sending home quarterly reports on student progress.   E-mail will also be an effective way of keeping in touch throughout the year.   Please provide me with your e-mail address so that I can communicate with you on a regular basis.
    In my classes this year we will be working on the basic academic areas of reading and science as well as working on transition skills which includes vocational training and leadership in the community. We will be planning coordinated activities throughout the year including community based instruction and field trips to enrich the educational experience. In addition, when appropriate students will have homework. I believe that homework is an important part of skill retention for students with disabilities or without.
    This is just a short introduction and only touches on a small part of what our classroom will be. I truly believe in utilizing every resource when teaching and as parents you are invaluable in making education successful. I am very excited and proud to be working for this district, school and program. If there is anything you would like to know or discuss, feel free to e-mail or call. Let’s have a great year!


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