• Permits are issued on a first come/first served basis. Permits will not be issued to any student with fees or textbooks owed to the Bookstore. Students and parents should note that Chandler High School is not responsible for theft or vandalism to any vehicles parked on the school lot or streets close to the school. Students should lock their cars at all times. All cars parked on campus must have the parking permit displayed. Students need to park in the lot color and space number that they have been assigned.

    When completing the Parking Permit Form, you will need a current school ID, a valid Arizona driver’s license, year of vehicle/plate number, insurance name/policy number/expiration date, and receipt of payment from the Bookstore.



    -  All student vehicles are required to have a parking permit

    -  Each student will be assigned a numbered parking space that corresponds to their parking permit number.

    -  Parking permits will be color coded with specific parking lots.  Students MUST park in their numbered space only.

    -  Parking permits are not transferable; they must be used only by the applicant and cannot be sold.  They must be turned in if they are no longer desired.

    -  Each application must be completed accurately.  False or incomplete applications will be denied or cancelled with termination of parking privileges with no refund.  If additional/ duplicate parking permits are purchased and given to another student, the sticker and fee will be forfeited.

     The parking permit application can be found here: Parking Permit Form



    -  The parking fee for the year is $75.  This must be paid in advance.

    -  Students who forfeit their parking privileges or are withdrawn from school due to infractions of school rules will not receive a refund.

    -  Students shall report lost permits immediately.  Duplicate permits will cost $10.00 each.




    -  VIOLATION OF PARKING RULES MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF PARKING PRIVILEGES AND PERMIT WITHOUT A REFUND.  Loss of parking privileges may include, but are not limited to, the following:  Leaving campus without approval, reckless driving, transporting alcohol, illegal substances, dangerous weapons, failure to drive courteously, failure to provide adequate seating for passengers, failure to respond to school authorities, and transporting students who are not permitted to leave campus.

    -  Students must have their parking permits displayed in the driver’s side lower front windshield at all times or be subject to vehicle “booting” or towing at owner’s expense.

    -  Park at your own risk.  Chandler High School is not responsible for vehicular damage, theft thereof, loss of property or expenses/ damages from “booting”.



    Pay for your parking permit at the Bookstore and bring your receipt and completed application to Ms. Rodarte in Administration.