• Helpful Transition Links:


    ABLE Savings Accounts: Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Counsel 

    The Arizona Department of Education has a list of resources for students, parents and guardians of students with disabilities. 

    Arizona Self Help website is a search engine that can help you determine the state services that your student might qualify for.

    Planning on getting your permit this year?  Pick up a booklet from the AZ Department of Transportation and try downloading this app on your iphone or ipad to help you study: Arizona DMV Permit Test 2017 - Free Practice Exam
    Autism Spectrum News is an online resource for students and parents of students. 

    Disability Benefits 101 is a great website for Arizona residents to help answer questions about services available for people with disabilities! 

    Disability.gov is another great resource for students with disabilities!  If you are looking for specific information regarding:  Benefits, Civil Rights, Community Life, Education, Emergency Preparedness, Employment, Health, Housing, Transportation and more.

    National Center for Learning Disabilities is another site that has information, "tips and tricks", and resources for students and parents. 

    Transition Year is a website for both students and parents and gives some really good advice regarding seeking help in college.  The advice can be used in life circumstances, especially where emotional health is concerned. 

    Understood.org is a website that has useful information for students with attention and learning issues.  It has some tools you might find useful as students and parents, including a "Tech Finder" that allows you to find apps and technology that you might find useful for communication, organization and socialization.