• Attendance Office (812-7703)
    Student attendance closely matches student academic achievement. Students receiving failing grades almost always have a high number of absences and tardies. Procedures developed by the staff. Attendance Committee are intended to involve parents, teach students responsibility, and have teachers lead in terms of instruction and accountability.
    A. Students are expected to be in their classrooms, ready to begin class work prior to the late bell.

    B. Recommended levels for improving promptness: Students will be assigned consequences for tardiness to class. Consequences may include the sweep room, lunch detention, community service, after school detention, Saturday school, or any other administrative consequence that may be deemed necessary to bring about compliance. Consequences may be assigned by teachers and / or administration. NOTE: At any stage a teacher may require make-up time.

    Students not in class when the late bell rings will be sent to the sweep room.
    Absences can be defined as excused or unexcused. Only a parent or legal guardian through telephone contact to the Attendance Office (812-7703) may excuse absences.
    Procedures to Improve Student Attendance
    A. Unexcused Absences
    Students will be assigned consequences for unexcused absences. Consequences may include lunch detention, community service, after school detention, Saturday School, or any other administrative consequence that may be deemed necessary to bring about compliance. Consequences may be assigned by teachers and/or administration.

    NOTE: Any unexcused absence for any length of time will result in mandatory make-up time or detention.

    B. Excused Absences
    Parents must call the attendance office (812-7703) within 24 hours of the absence to officially excuse students from school or particular periods of classes during the day. After the 24 hours, all calls will be recorded as a late call (unexcused absence). The state recognizes illness or family bereavement as the only legal excuse. However, the school district is more flexible and will accept parent-excused reasons. We do recommend that appointments with doctors, etc. for routine matters be scheduled after school hours. Parents are urged to call in any case (812-7703). When the office isn't staffed, an answering machine will be in place. When we fail to reach you for verification of an absence, an automated message will be left asking you to call for person-to-person contact with attendance office personnel.
    C. All Absences
    If a student is absent for three periods in one or more classes, a letter will be sent requesting the parent to contact the teacher to clarify absences. The teachers may meet with the parent to outline ways to improve the student’s attendance, complete eligible make- up work and catch up with studies. A second letter will be sent home notifying parents that their child has missed seven periods in one or more classes and requesting the parent to contact the attendance office to set up a parent-teacher conference. At both of these conferences it will be pointed out that ten absences (for any reason, excused or unexcused) may result in the student being transferred to an academic study hall with possible loss of credit for the class.
    D. Ten Absences
    Once a student has ten absences in any class, for any reason, a decision will be made whether the student should stay in the class under contract or be transferred to a study hall. Being dropped from a class to study hall will result in an “F” for the semester grade in that class.
    E. Ten Consecutive Absences
    The state requires the schools to automatically withdraw a student from school who has been absent for ten consecutive days (excused or unexcused). If a major illness or extenuating circumstance has caused the absence, documentation will need to be provided to the attendance office on or before the fifth consecutive absence.
    F. Make-up Work
    1) Make-up work for absences must be completed within the same amount of time after returning as the days absent from class (e.g., allow two days to complete make-up work for two days of absences.) Field trips require arrangements to be made with the teacher in advance for make-up work and due date.

    2) In-school detentions are excused absences from academic classes. Work from classes must be done in detention hall. The student may not be allowed back into regular classes until all work is completed.

    3) It should be understood that a student who has been absent from class has missed a valuable part of the benefit of in-school education and may experience difficulty achieving scores as high as the student who is present and participates every day in class.

    4) Absences will be considered unexcused when students fail to have parents call, or are reported to the administration as truant by referral, parent contact, or other reliable source.
    5) Work that is missed due to an unexcused absence must be made up (reduced credit will be given at the teacher’s discretion).
    Perfect Attendance
    Perfect attendance will result in incentives for the student as set forth by the attendance committee.