Girls Soccer Academy

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    The Girls Soccer Academy is an integral part of the total education process at Hamilton High School.  The Academy will reward students for hard work regardless of their soccer development process. The novice, intermediate, and expert player will benefit from the Academy program that includes technical, tactical, and psychological education.  Girls Soccer Academy will also include team building activities, leadership training, service opportunities, and character development.  The following items are intended to serve as clarification to the Hamilton High School Student handbook. In the event an issue is not covered in this syllabus, please refer to the handbook.

    Hamilton Appropriate Use of Technology 

    The Governing Board intends that technological resources provided by the district be used in a safe responsible and proper manner in support of the instructional program and for the advancement of student learning.  It is the policy of the Chandler Unified School District to maintain an environment that promotes, ethical and responsible conduct in all electronic resource activities by staff and students.  The District reserves the right to monitor use of the District’s systems for improper use without warning or prior consent.  Students shall be informed that computer files and electronic communications, including email, are not private and may be accessed by the District at any time.  Inappropriate use may result in disciplinary action and/or legal action in accordance with the law and Board policy.  Please visit the student handbook at https://www.cusd80.com/handbooks  for further details about appropriate use of technology. 

    Hamilton Virtual Attendance Statement

    Attendance is based on engagement.  If a student is not present for synchronous instruction and does not complete the asynchronous/alternative assignment for the daily class meeting, then the student is considered absent.  Teachers will contact attendance clerks once a student is determined to be absent.

    Daily Check-In:

    Students will be marked tardy if they are in the locker room area and not fully dressed by 7:25.

    Appropriate Dress:

    Every student is required to dress appropriately for class each day.  This includes students who have been excused from participation with a note from a parent or doctor.   Students who do not have appropriate dress will be required to assist the coaches with other duties and will not receive participation points for that day. 


    -Soccer Academy Uniform (white Hamilton Soccer shirt and black athletic shorts)

    -White soccer socks

    -Cleated AND flat athletic shoes EVERYDAY

    -Shin guards are mandatory

    *Warm-ups/sweats (any color) may be worn over the uniform during cooler weather.


    Injured or Sick Students:

    Students who are restricted from physical activity due to an illness or injury must provide a WRITTEN EXCUSE with a date, phone number and signed by a parent/guardian. They will be required to dress out and assist with equipment or other light duties.


    Extended restrictions (longer than three days) must be verified and recorded by a doctor’s excuse.  These students will be assigned a written paper.  Once the written assignment is returned, students will receive credit for the assignment and receive past participation points if they assisted to the best of their ability.


    Season Ending Injuries:

    Unfortunately season ending injuries can be a reality for high school students.  Students who cannot participate for the remainder of the year will meet with their counselor to find an alternative placement.


    Locks, Lockers, Electronics:

    Locks and Lockers will be assigned to each student in Soccer Academy.  HAMILTON IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.   Cell phones may not be used instruction time or walking to and from the field/weight room.  No pictures or videos can be taken in the Hamilton locker room and social media posts will NOT be tolerated during class time.  Any unapproved electronic items used during class will be confiscated and given to security.


    Tardy/Attendance Policy

    Students with an unexcused tardy will receive 5/10 for the daily participation grade.  Students are referred to the truancy officer when they have 5 or more tardies.


    If a student was marked absent accidently:  If you know your child was in class, please do not contact the office as it becomes difficult for attendance/security to track down soccer staff to confirm attendance.  Please have your child talk to staff during class the following day and a change of status form will be completed.  Attendance can make this change after the date of the absence.  However, if a parent has any question whether their child made it to school that day or was present in class… absolutely contact the school to confirm.


    Students will be marked tardy for arriving late to the locker room, not fully dressed at 7:25, or for arriving late to the field and/or fitness room.


    Grading Policy/Procedures:

    Students can earn up to 20 participation points for each day of class. Students who are on time, dressed appropriately, help with equipment, and actively participating will receive the full 20 points.   Participation will account for 70% of the classroom grade.  If a student reaches 5 absences for a semester, the grade will be adjusted to only reflect the classes she attended. 


    A soccer test and/or leadership assignment will be given at the end of each semester.  As required by school policy, this will serve as the final exam and total 20% of the final grade.


    Semester Point Distribution:

    Classroom Responsibilities                 80%

    Final Exam                                          20%

    Total:                                                   100%






    All of the above expectations apply when a substitute is present.


    Soccer Academy is an academic class.  Students cannot miss/leave academy to make up work in other classes.  This includes missing work due to soccer-related activities.  Students are encouraged to communicate with teachers and make up tests before and after school or during conference periods.  Students can communicate with the Coach Landwehr if they need assistance scheduling make-up tests with other teachers.


    Hamilton’s Diversity Statement

    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice, and bigotry.  As members of the Hamilton High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participation in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.


    Hamilton’s Excessive Absences

    A.R.S. §15-803 (B) states that absences may be considered excessive when the number of absent days exceeds ten percent of the number of required attendance days prescribed in A.R.S. §15-802. Ten percent equates to nine (9) days of absences per semester regardless of whether they are excused or unexcused.  Students with excessive excused absences will be required to provide medical documentation to remain in class and excuse any further absences. If additional absences occur, and medical documentation is not provided, the student will be referred to administration.