(Updated:  5-22-20) 
     Hamilton Husky families,


    First and foremost, I am hoping that all of your family members are safe and healthy.  Thank you SENIORS for finishing up your classes by the May 22nd deadline.  We truly appreciate your effort and dedication to finishing your classes!

    FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES, and JUNIORS have been given an EXTENSION by the Hamilton Administrative Team.  You now have until noon on Thursday, May 28th to finish up your classes.  Take advantage of this extra time to wrap up any classes you can as you work toward the 22 credits needed for graduation.


    Students can login to their BUZZ/LIFT Lab accounts using their Infinite Campus Link or the website listed below.  All password-protected activities, such as Module Exams and Final Exams, have been removed for the time being so students can move throughout their courses independently with minimal restrictions.  If for some reason a lesson requires a password, please use the following:   Hu$k1esRul3    


    Continue to check the LIFT Lab web-page for more updates as they become available.


    Students are required to complete all assignments on their class list.  Essays must be a MINIMUM of two paragraphs long in order to receive a passing score.  Students must finish the class with a 60% or higher in order to receive credit on his/her transcript.  If a student does not complete the required coursework or does not attain a grade above a 60%, the student will be required to take the course again at a later date.  THE FINAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT MUST BE COMPLETED TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE COURSE!!!!

    Your teachers are available and ready to assist you.  If you need any help, including resetting an assignment, please reach out to your teachers at the email address listed below.  The link for your online class is also listed below.  Please contact your counselor for specific graduation requirements and/or what classes you are needing to take in the LIFT Lab for graduation.


    johnston.mike@cusd80.com   (Periods 0-5 and after school students)

    prince.shannon@cusd80.com (Period 6)

    kain.holly@cusd80.com  (Period 7)


    On-Line Class website:  https://cusd80hhs.agilixbuzz.com


    Login:  S ID# (example: S123456)

    Password:  lower case initials with your birthday mmddyy (example:  mj120703)  


     Also, please continue to communicate with your counselor about class(es) that need to be completed.  Communication is the key to on-line learning.


    To find/communicate with any teacher, counselor, or administrator please use www.hamiltonhuskies.com.


    Together we will work through this.  Be safe and take care.


    Thank you.


    Mike Johnston

    Hamilton HS

    LIFT Lab


    Students are given an approximate (time permitting) nine-week deadline to complete their course in the LIFT Lab.  The nine-week clock starts on the approximate date in which they begin their class.  Students must finish by this given deadline or an "F" grade will be issued on the students transcript.  Students should utilize intercession times and dates, if possible, to avoid any deadline issues.  All students must finish their current class and complete the "purple exit paperwork" by their scheduled due date.


    6:25am - 3:09pm Monday - Wednesday
    Conference Hour:  Thursday & Friday
    Open for A&B Lunches...Closed during C Lunch
    *Check the LIFT Lab Calendar to ensure the room will be open for the After School Program.*
    Monday - Wednesday:  3:10-6:00pm*


     Students can come and go as they please.  
    Parents may call the classroom during this time to "check" on their student as well.  
     CHECK YOUR STUDENTS GRADE AND DUE DATE:        https://cusd80hhs.agilixbuzz.com 



Last Modified on May 22, 2020