PERIODS 0-7


    Mike Johnston                             Johnston.mike@cusd80.com                                   (Periods 0-5)

    Shannon Prince                           Prince.shannon@cusd80.com                                  (Period 6)

    Holly Kain                                    Kain.holly@cusd80.com                                         (Period 7)


    Tutoring/Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 6:25am-7:20am

    Classroom Phone Number:  480-883-5169


    Welcome to the LIFT Lab!  Please read the entire document to ensure an excellent academic year.  This information will be filed away once read/signed by the student/parent.  This will allow for all individuals involved to review this document at any time.



    Your counselor and/or administrator decided and approved what classes are to be taken in the LIFT Lab for each individual student depending on the student credit situation.  This class syllabus must be “turned in” with a parent guardian signature within the first week starting the on-line class for the student to continue working on class lessons.



    It is essential that the students come to class for each class period he/she is assigned.  School and district policy regarding attendance and tardies will be followed.  Students will be given folders to assist with attendance, grade updates, and other important LIFT Lab information.  These folders will remain in the classroom. 



    All work, except for some major exams and the final, can be completed at home or in the classroom setting.  Although no specific homework will be given, students are able to work on part of each module at home (catch up or get ahead).  Students are given a 63-days (nine weeks) to complete each assigned class.  Extensions may be possible with administrator/counselor approval.  All work, assessments, essays, and the final exam in the LIFT Lab are open book/notes/calculator.  Students can work at their “own pace,” but must self-monitor and make sure they complete all the required coursework by the deadline set by the students’ counselor.  Deadlines will be written in the students in-class folder and can also be locate within the students on-line program.



    Module Quizzes/Essays = 40%            Module Tests:  40%            Final Exam:  20%

    Grades from the LIFT Lab go DIRECTLY onto the students’ transcripts.  They DO NOT appear on Hamilton High School progress reports, report cards, or on Infinite Campus.  Grades can be checked by looking onto the “Buzz System.”  Student must complete all modules and receive a “green checkmark” and/or grade to receive credit for their lesson/module (including essays).  It is the responsibility of the student to complete the “FINAL ACKNOWLEDGMENT” once they finish all their modules and the final exam.  This will allow the teacher to submit the grade to be placed onto the student’s transcript.  If this in not filled out, the grade cannot be submitted, and the grade will not be placed on the student’s transcript.



    Students will be required to follow all school rules (see Husky Handbook) and be respectful with fellow students, teachers, administrators, and school staff.  Consequences will be followed as directed by school policy, which includes meeting/speaking with the student individually, parent/guardian contact, and/or referral to administration.  Students must use the “bathroom sign in/out sheet” to utilize the restroom or have a pass to leave the classroom for any reason.  Students will be allowed to use their cell phones in the classroom for music only.  Cell phones will be confiscated and/or taken to security if used for any other reason.  Students are not allowed to use the internet to look up answers on questions for any reason.  This considered a form of cheating, and a referral will be sent to the assistant principal.  Students may use the internet to gather more information about a topic with teacher permission prior to the student going to a particular website.  No food, drink, or gum will be allowed in the classroom.  Student may be given a warning, or a referral will be sent to the assistant principal if deemed necessary for any of the above offenses. 


    All class essays must be a minimum of two paragraphs long in order to receive a passing score.  All essays must use school appropriate grammar, punctuation, and language at all times.  Essays can be submitted through the computer program, or the student can write/type the document and submit a printed copy of the essay to be graded directly to their teacher.



    Pen/Pencil                    Spiral notebook for class notes         Headphones for videos (in-class)



    Students will be held to the same standard while on-line as they would be in the classroom while using the LIFT Lab On-Line Program, Google Classroom, Google Meets, or any other program affiliated with the learning environment at home when completing on-line assignments.  This includes proper dress, language, and behavior in all areas of education.  Failure to do so will result in a warning and/or a referral to administration.  All class information (websites, explanations, answers to commonly asked questions, etc.) will be located on the students class period under their “Google Classroom” site which can be accessed at home or in the classroom.



    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice, and bigotry.  As members of the Hamilton High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability, or sexual orientation.


Last Modified on September 21, 2021