• Mike Johnston

    Mike has been teaching at Hamilton High School since the school opened its doors in 1998.  From 1998-2007 Mike worked in the Special Education Department as a case manager and Strategies teacher to help at-risk students succeed in the regular education classroom setting.
    In the Fall of 2007, Mike took over the LIFT Lab.  The LIFT Lab is a credit recovery computer program that allows students on campus to make up classes and meet graduation requirements.  This program offers all core classes (English, Math, Science, History, Health, Government, and Economics) as well as few elective courses.  Students work with their counselors to find out what classes they are required to take and then complete the coursework under Mr. Johnston's instruction.
    Mike has also been a coach on the Hamilton campus since 1998.  He has coached football, baseball, and track at Hamilton.  He was the wide receiver coach and special teams coordinator on the Huskies varsity football team for over 20 years.  He was an assistant JV football coach in 2014, and moved back with the varsity team as the wide receiver coach and special teams coordinator from 2015-2019.  
    Mike as born and raised in South San Francisco, California.  Upon graduation from South San Francisco High School, he attended Brigham Young University from 1991-1996.  Mike graduated with a degree in Educational Psychology.  He then moved on to Northern Arizona University where he received his Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  While at BYU, Mike was a member of the football (91-95) and baseball (91-93) teams. Mike is married and has two children Austin (born in 2005) and Hailey (born in 2009) and currently resides in Mesa, AZ.
    Classroom #:  480-883-5169
    Classes:  Periods 0-5  (6th = Prep)
    Mike Johnston and Family