• HHS follows the District’s Dress Code policy

    Each year parents ask for guidelines as they help students select appropriate attire for school. School pride, morale and image are influenced by the general appearance of students. CUSD wants to provide opportunities for students to express themselves within the set of parameters listed below:

    Brief and Revealing Clothing - Students must recognize that brief and revealing clothing are not appropriate apparel in school. The following guidelines are examples and do not cover all situations.

    Students shall not wear:

    ·        Tank tops

    ·        Halter-tops

    ·        Garments with spaghetti straps

    ·        Strapless garments

    ·        Trench Coats

    Garments that are “see-through,” cut low, or expose one’s midriff are not acceptable. Sleeveless garments must extend to the end of the shoulders and fit closely under the arms. Clothing should have adequate coverage to allow a full range of movement without skin or undergarments showing. Undergarments must not be visible. Clothing must cover the entire buttocks and extend a reasonable length to ensure modesty.

Last Modified on July 28, 2014