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Subject / Grade Teacher of Special Education
Room: E204 (Morning) N113 (Afternoon)
Email: Chacon
"Life isn't about what can and can not be done, it's about doing it or not doing it!"
-- Shio Sakaki

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Welcome, fellow humans. I am excited to be a part of this community, and happy to have the opportunity to provide instruction to students for their growth and success. Feel free to use the email at the bottom to contact me with any questions or concerns.

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated from NAU with a bachelors in Special Education and General Education. I then graduated with a masters degree in Educational Technology. Prior to that I have worked as a para-educator for 4 years. Prior to that I earned an Associates degree in Digital Art.

My Educational Philosophy

Every student has the right to an education. Every student can learn what they are being taught. I believe if students push themselves enough, whether or not it takes them longer than others, they can succeed in their learning.

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  • Tutoring

    Hours range from 6:55a to 7:20a or 2:15p to 3:00p

    Tutoring is by appoinment due to me beign in different rooms at the end of the day on certain days. 

    Where I might be found without appointment

    6:55a to 7:20a (M-Th Rm D106 or E224) (Fridays Rm E204 or E224)

    2:15p to 3:00p (M-W, F Rm N113 or E204) (Thursdays Rm D106 or E204)