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     Thank you for your interest in obtaining an I-20 from Hamilton High School! Please see below for the guidelines and procedure. 

    F-1 Guidelines for Hamilton High School International Students

    • F-1 students should be under 18 years of age at time of enrollment
    • F-1 students are required to pay the school the full cost of education by repaying the school system for the full, unsubsidized, per capita cost of providing the education to him or her. The current cost is $9,248 for the year. We do not enroll students for one semester only.
    • Foreign visa students are limited to 12 months of study in public schools. After one year at Hamilton High School, they can transfer to a private high school or enroll in college if appropriate.
    • Foreign visa students must not have already completed high school or a high school equivalent.
    • Host Guardian or Family is responsible to come to Hamilton High School in person to discuss and process 1-20 documents. Please email Steve Kanner at Kanner.Steve@cusd80.com to set up an appointment.
    • High school diplomas are not guaranteed. Students must meet all CUSD course requirements and pass the Arizona civics exam in order  to graduate. Prior coursework may be accepted and Hamilton High classes assigned based on a transcript evaluation at the school requested.
    • No Mid-Year enrollment
    F-1 Enrollment Process for Hamilton High School for International Students
          Submit completed Hamilton High School Application for I-20 Including:
    • Authorization for Adult to Act as Custodial Parent (MUST be notarized) and designate host guardian.
    • Copy of Student Birth Certificate translated into English
    • Copy of Student Passport
    • Student transcripts or record of courses taken translated into English from 9th grade forward
    • Host guardian or parent must provide proof of residence in Hamilton’s boundaries or submit Open Enrollment Application
    • Student’s report of health examination and Immunization record – translated into English
    • Tuition fees and Processing fees must be pre-paid with cashiers check to Hamilton High School
    • I-901 fee paid to Department of Homeland Security (after issuance of I-20).
    • Complete Online Non-immigrant Visa Application (DS-160)
    • Visa Interview with U.S. Consulate official



    The deadline to submit an application for the 2023-2024 school year is May 1, 2023.