Hamilton High School is a closed campus 

    Hamilton High School encourages excellent attendance. Student attendance closely matches student academic achievement. Students receiving a failing grade consistently have a high number of absences and tardies. Developed procedures are intended to involve parents teach students responsibility and provide for optimum instruction and academic accountability



    In order for a student to be excused from class when he/she is late to school, the student must check in at the attendance desk to be signed in. The attendance office must receive a phone call within a 24 hour period from a parent/guardian. A note from the doctor’s office, dentist office or court system will also excuse a student in lieu of a parent calling. An unexcused reason for a tardy will result in an unexcused pass to class. Students who receive an unexcused tardy will be assigned to After School Detention (ASD) for the following day. 


    Signing Out Policy

    To maintain student safety and security, a PARENT/GUARDIAN WILL BE REQUIRED TO PRESENT A PICTURE I.D. BEFORE PICKING UP A STUDENTStudents will not be released to anyone not listed on their emergency card


    Student Drivers

    Hamilton High School is a closed campus and we require parents to call and send in a written note (including a contact number for parent) with the student.  Students will need to drop off their note in the morning at the Attendance Office. However, if a student needs to leave campus during school hours and does not have a note,  parents may call the Attendance Office and fax over a note giving them permission to leave. Written permission MUST include parent/guardian name, parent/guardian contact information, relationship to the student, student's full name, ID number if possible and the time student should be released, and a parent signature.




    Homework may be requested by a parent if a student is absent more than 3 days. Absences can be defined as excused or unexcused.


    A.         Unexcused Absences

    Unexcused absences are considered truancies. If a student misses only one period, the unexcused absence will be considered as ditching class, and the student will be referred to administration. If a student is absent from 1 or more classes (parent has not called in) you will receive an automated phone call notifying you of the absence.

    B.         Excused Absences

    A parent or legal guardian must call the attendance office at 883-5003 within 24 hours of the absence to officially excuse students from school or particular periods of classes during the day. No more than three single period absences will be excused during the year without 24-hour advance notice. Students will not be able to leave campus without appropriate written parent/guardian notification. If a student needs to leave campus during school hours, he/she must go to attendance before school to get a pass, pending parent verification. No student will be permitted to leave campus without a pass from attendance. 

Last Modified on February 28, 2019