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     One of many Social Studies department goals is to provide a comprehensive program that meets the needs of our diverse learners. To this end, we have structured a wide-ranging program of study with courses that reflect the multiple interests and needs of our students.

    Please take a look at our program offerings in the S.S. Course Descriptions tab.
    Department Philosophy:
    Social Studies includes the disciplines of social and behavioral sciences as well as history, geography, law, economics, philosophy, and the humanities. It also includes those topics, which focus on social problems, issues and controversies.
    A fundamental goal of the Social Studies Program is to promote higher-level thinking and reasoning. Therefore, instruction consists of essential knowledge, skills, and concepts from history, geography, economics, political science, and civics/government. We want to provide students with the knowledge that they need to act thoughtfully in their lives, to understand the development of peoples and cultures, and to contribute to the vitality of our democratic institutions.
    The curriculum expects students to read multiple sources, engage in debates, take field trips, write essays, conduct independent research, create projects, use the Internet, and pursue other modes of active, reflective learning. Writing is also a part of the Social Studies Curriculum because writing enables students to organize what they have learned and demonstrate our understanding of it.
    Ultimately, students will take on diverse, lifelong roles, as learners, friends, family members, consumers, workers and citizens, and the Social Studies Department will provide fundamental and supportive instruction to do so.
Last Modified on January 12, 2021