• Hamilton High School Social Workers


    The mission of the School Social Worker is to provide services to our students, families and school personnel to promote and support our students’ academic and social/emotional success.  We help our students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and strive to strengthen their relationships within the home, the school and the community.




     Rajani Rastogi                   Julianne Haddad
        Rajani Rastogi                             Julianne Haddad
         Lisa St.Peter
    Hamilton High School Social Work Team

    Rajani Rastogi, LMSW - Contact Number - 480-883-5182           email:  rastogi.rajani@cusd80.com

    Julianne Haddad, LMSW - Contact Number - 480-883-5275        email:  haddad.julianne@cusd80.com

    Lisa StPeter, Social Work Assistant - Contact - 480-883-5276      email:  stpeter.lisa@cusd80.com


    Emergency Contact Numbers

    24 hour Crisis line: 602-222-9444
    EMPACT (Mobile Crisis Team):  1-866-205-5229 
    Teen Lifeline (24 Hour Hotline):  602-248-8336
    Child Protective Services: 1-888-764-2445
    Community Information and Referral:  1-877-211-8661 

    Student Support Groups: 

    Grief - Support and developing strategies are discussed to students that are dealing with any type of loss and/or grief. 

    Anger Management – Support and coping methods are offered to students that are struggling with managing their anger.
    Substance Abuse– Support and resources are offered to those students struggling with past or present substance abuse issues.
    Anxiety/Depression– Support and cognitive behavioral strategies are offered to those students struggling with debilitating stress, anxiety and depression.
    Counseling Services: 
    Supportive counseling and resources are available for students and families as needed.

    Student Educational Series - presentations by hamilton social worker, Julianne Haddad and professional speakers in the community held twice monthly at Hamilton High School in the evenings from 6:30 - 8pm. These presentations are to educate students on various topics and to develop life skills.  All students are welcome to attend.  No registration required. 


    Parent Educational Seriespresentations facilitated by hamilton social worker, Rajani Rastogi along with professional speakers in the community held twice monthly at Hamilton High School in the evenings from 6:30 - 8pm. These presentations are informal discussions that will provide support to parents in a comfortable setting where they can receive education, resources and advice from community professionals and from the Hamilton high school social worker.