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    WE ARE D.E.C.A

    Welcome To the information page for Hamilton's DECA Chapter

    DECA is preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to becollege and career ready

    Head Coach Sponsor: Dr. Thompson

    Presidents: Miro Vanek, Manvi Harde, Riley Ange

    Vice President Of Finance: Jacoby Sypher

    Vice President Of Communication: Joshua Ogrodny 

    1st VIce President Of Leadership: Rafael Trujillo 

    2nd Vice President Of Leadership: Caleb Whaley

    Sectrary: Coleman Butler 

    DECA is the marketing, finance,hospitality, management and leadership organization that is a part of the DECA/ marketing program at Hamilton High School. 

    Learn about business and leadership development! Take part in trainings, role play competitions, community service activities and campus events!!



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