• About Ashley Rall...

    Position: AP Statistics and Precalculus Teacher

    Team/Department: Mathematics

    Room: M5

    Phone: (480) 883-5265

    Email: Ashley Rall

     Ashley Rall

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    It's July so I'm guessing that you're visiting this site to get a head start on the year. Welcome!

    I'm guessing your first priority is what materials you need for class, and fortunately it's the same for both classes:
    ■ A notebook specifically for our class
    ■ A graphing calculator (TI STRONGLY preferred. TI-Nspire CX will be demonstrated in class and can be used on the ACT as well. TI-Nspire CAS is not usable on the ACT and is therefore not recommended.)
    ■ Writing utensils: pencils or dark colored pens and red or other colored pens (for corrections).
    ■ Expo markers for use in class.

    For more information about each class, click on the pages on the left. For more information about me, keep scrolling here.

    Now, about me! In case you were unsure, that is indeed me at the top right. I probably won't be looking quite like that to teach you though, that's from my wedding last year. I'm still pretty excited by it, so I'm leaving it up even if it might imply I'll be wearing blue lipstick. The blue hair is spot on though. Other important beings in my life are my two dogs, who may occasionally feature in statistics problems. Their names are Sir Reginald Bartlett Gusterson III and Ivan Victor Douglas Vorkosigan, and they the GOODEST of boys. The very best Gustersons and Ivans in the whole East Valley.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I've been teaching math for the past 14 years--8 as a K-12 math teacher here in Arizona, and 6 before that out east at the University of Virginia. My degrees are a BA in mathematics from Carleton College and a Master of Science in mathematics from the University of Virginia.

    My Educational Philosophy

    I believe that everyone can learn--and even enjoy!--math, regardless of whether they consider themselves a "math person" or not as long as they are in a supportive environment that is open to their efforts. I do everything in my power to foster such an environment and expect my students to do the same.

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