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    UPDATE- Due to COVID 19 the tryout schedule is subject to change.  Please check back for more updates.




    2021 Boys Golf Team Tryout Schedule

    (All players must complete  eligiblity paperwork 

    through www.registermyathlete.com )


    Official Team Website



    TRANSPORTATON: Players will need to provide their own transportation to the course during tryout week.

    Student Transportation Waiver



    2020 Final Tryout Results (Top 4 Earn Spot on Team)


    1.362777-   37-37-36-39=149

    2.173801-   38-37-36-42=153

    3.174303-   39-36-42-39=156

    4.404897    40-43-40-39=162


    5.388260-   41-40-39-47=167

    6.343515-   41-46-40-40=167

    7.390059-   48-42-47-45=182

    8.141358-   52-43-46-49=190

    9.164251-   50-48-50-48=196

    10.169407-  57-46-49-52=204

    11.170880-  59-48-52-51=210

    12.175290-  DNF-70-73-70



    The tryout process will consist of a 36 hole qualifying tournament (9 holes each day Tues-Fri). Students earn their spot on the team based on these results. The number of spots available will be announced prior to the start of tournament play.


    Tips for Staying Cool on the Course


    -Wear a hat

    -Apply sunscreen

    -Wear light colored clothing

    -Carry two towels (one to clean clubs and one for you)

    -Bring a water bottle (Stay hydrated-drink water throughout the day)

    -Bring a healthy snack (energy bar, apple, etc)

    -Pull carts are allowed and encouraged (umbrellas also)

    -Seek shade on the course whenever possible

    -Don't hit too may balls on range prior to playing


    COVID Golf Rules

    -Leave flagstick in the hole at all times.

    -No rakes in bunker (one club relief w/ no penalty)

    -Maintain social distance (6 ft)

    -No hand shakes or high fives.

    -No exchange of scorecards.



    If you have any questions contact Steve Kanner at kanner.steve@cusd80.com or (480) 282-7266






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