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    Position: English 12

    Room: C108

    Phone: (480) 883-5068

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    Dr. Laura Brudvik

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    Welcome to English 12! The purpose of this course is to learn new things about the world around us. We will be reading, thinking, writing, and discussing. What a privilege to learn from each other and to grow as citizens of the world!

    My Education and Professional Background

    I have been in Education since 2003. I'm originally from North Dakota. In the frozen north, I taught six years of high school English, and then nine years of college courses in English and Education. At that point in my life story, my husband and kiddos convinced me to move to a place where a person doesn't need seat heat in the car. We arrived in Chandler three years ago in July. It was like North Dakota, but completely the opposite. I thought I was on fire. I taught Dual Credit English 12 at Basha High School and then spent time working as an educational consultant/coach for Empower Education. I am looking forward to my first year at Hamilton High! All of my education, (Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD), was completed by candlelight, while wearing snow gear. Just kidding, but most people down here in the desert cannot believe that I lived a whole lifetime in a place that regularly saw the thermometer dip to twenty below zero in the winter months.

    My Educational Philosophy

    I love learning new things and I love hearing people's stories. I consider myself lucky to have worn many hats in the world of education. I believe everyone has a voice and everyone can learn new things each day, and I just can't wait to listen to my students and to learn from them!