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Position: Social Studies (AP US History)/11th Grade
Room: C205
Phone: 480-883-5091
Email: Pollnow

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Welcome to Mrs. Pollnow's History Website! On this site, you will find basic information about my classes. However, please use the links to connect to my Google sites to find more information about daily activities and documents.

My Education and Professional Background

Undergraduate: St. Norbert College, Masters Degree: UW LaCrosse, Years Teaching: Entering my 17th year in education

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is centered around a student driven classroom. I believe that students should be active participants in the learning process and have the ability to succeed in my classroom. I try to always maintain a safe, comfortable learning environment where everyone's voice is heard. However, I also strongly feel that students who put the most effort in my class will also receive the most out of it. My goal is for every student to make a positive connection learning about differing aspects in history and hope he or she can use this information in the future to become a better citizen and person.

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