• Link Crew Coordinators
    Tracy Robertson & Shannon Prince

    • If you are interested in becoming an officer/leader for link crew for the 2020-2021 school year, please click on the google form and complete the application as well as get TWO teacher recommendations using the form provided.  
    • Deadline to apply is Friday 3/6/2020.
    • Link Crew Leader Application (google form)
    • Teacher Recommendation Form - this will open as a word document.
    Please click on the link below to print the HHS Link Leader application.  Please fill out and submit by April 18th at 3:30 PM.   
    Whatever interview time you sign up for is your interview time.  Everyone will get their first choice so please plan on being at your interview you signed up for.  

    What is LINK CREW?


    Even when students feel safe and informed, they may not successfully transition into a new school if they do not develop a sense of connection. In every transition in our lives we need to feel a sense of connection to the new situation. This is true whether we are connecting to a new job, a new child, or a new reality in our own lives.

    The more connected students are to their new school, the better they will do in all the measures that are important in tracking their success: grades, test scores, attendance, and discipline. All these measures are positively affected when students are connected.

    Schools try to promote this crucial component of transition by offering co-curricular activities, athletics, and special events in the hopes that kids will connect. Unlike the two other components to a successful transition, this one is left to chance. Even the most robust co-curricular programs only involve a percentage of the students.

    Link Crew creates a structure that connects every incoming freshman with a caring upperclassman from their first day through the end of their freshman year.

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