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Position: Caminos Literarios/9-12 AP Caminos Language and Culture/ 9-12 AP Herencia Literature and Culture/ 11-12
Room: E214
Phone: (480) 883-5198
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Welcome to my corner of Hamilton High School! I can be located in E 108 or heard from down the hallway. Since I teach three different courses and co-sponsor M.E.Ch.A. at Hamilton, please use the links to find the information you need. If you are in AP Caminos or AP Herencia, please consider getting college credit for your efforts!

My Education and Professional Background

I have been teaching at Hamilton High School since the doors opened in 1998. I currently serve as World Language Department Chair. I earned my M.S. in Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature in 2007 and my B.A. in Spanish and Secondary Education in 1992. I have also had the privilege of being an A.P. Spanish Literature Reader for College Board since 2010.

My Educational Philosophy

The curriculum for my Heritage Speaker courses is designed to refine, perfect and enhance the native Spanish speaker's language skills, which includes: speaking, writing, reading and listening. It emphasizes active communication in Spanish and broadens the students' understanding of the Hispanic culture through the study of authentic text and audios, Spanish literature and art, and history. All learning objectives are planned around the three modes of communication: Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational. By year five or six we merge Heritage and non-Heritage speakers to provide the best immersion experience possible.

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