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    Position: Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C

    Team/Department: Science Department

    Email: Mrs. Kirticia Jarrett

    Mrs. Kirticia Jarrett

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    My Education and Professional Background

    I earned my bachelor's degree from The University of Puget Sound majoring in Physics and Mathematics and my master's in education from Northern Arizona University. I have continued to take more classes to better teach through inquiry. I have been teaching at Chandler High School since 2006, and I have taught Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics, Investigative Science, Geometry and Pre-Calculus. I have two beautiful sons, Alex and Luke who teach me every day, more and more, about how kids learn.

    My Educational Philosophy

    I believe that students learn best when they are constructing their own understanding based on experience, this is why I teach using an exciting research-based approach to learning called Modeling Instruction in Physics. In this approach, tested and shown very effective by physics teachers throughout the nation, students will be confronted with a series of situations in which they will decide what factors might be related, how to go about measuring them, then collecting the data. Students will learn how to use a computer to help graphically analyze the data and they will learn how to clearly describe the relationships they found, using a variety of representations. Students will then go on to explore how the relationships discovered can be applied to a wide variety of new situations. So, in this approach, students will derive from their experiments most of the equations they will use in physics. Equations are not the means of understanding physics, but the result.