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    Tuition must be paid upon enrollment.


    How do I register for Dual Enrollment

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    Benefits of Dual Enrollment                            

    Get a Head Start on College with Dual Credit Classes!

    Community Colleges provide ambitious students the ability to earn college credits - all while still in high school. Seniors, juniors, and qualified sophomores and freshmen are eligible to get a head start on their college course work.  You can now earn college credit for specific college-level courses right at your high school. During regular school hours!  Chandler Gilbert Community College is the Dual Enrollment partner for Hamilton High School.

    Dual Enrollment Is the Right Choice for You to...

    • Earn college and high school credit simultaneously
    • Be confident that your credits will be able to transfer to the in-state university of your choice
    • Save money on college tuition and text books
    • Finish college faster
    • Eliminate duplication of coursework during your early years of college


    Where do I start?

    Only certain classes qualify as dual enrollment. Please see your counselor to make sure you are enrolled in the correct class to receive the credit.  



    Prerequisites or Placement Testing

    Students must meet the prerequisite criteria for the Dual Enrollment course or have a qualifying placement score by taking an appropriate placement test.  


    Payment: Fall deadline is September 18, 2022 - Spring payment deadline is February 12, 2023

    Tuition is $85 per credit hour, with a $15 registration fee per semester. If your student is enrolled in a year-long class, they only need to register in the Fall. Payment is done solely through CGCC. You may pay on-line. Payment plans are available, as well as financial aid. Payments can also be made in person at the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Cashier's Office or by calling the Cashier's Office at 480-732-7312. Please have your college ID number ready. *Unpaid tuition will result in students being dropped from classes without notice. No refunds will be issued after payment deadlines.


    Tuition assistance is available through Chandler-Gilbert Community College. 


    Have questions?  FAQ's

     What is the difference between dual enrollment and AP? Does my student have to do both to get the college credit?

    Both options offer students the chance to receive college credit while attending high school. They are separate programs, both with advantages for your student.

    Dual enrollment credit will transfer to any in-state university, if the student passes the class with a C or better.  It is recommended that you visit the website of any college or university your student is interested in attending to research their specific credit transfer policies. For a complete listing of universities accepting dual enrollment credit, please see www.maricopa.edu/transfer.

    AP credit will transfer to many universities across the country. The student must pass with a qualifying grade in order for the credit to be accepted, and policies vary from institution to institution. It is recommended that you visit the website of any college or university your student is interested in attending to research their specific credit transfer policies.

    We encourage families to discuss both options thoroughly, as each student’s situation is different. Dual credit requires an upfront financial investment larger than the AP test, but may offer students with “test anxiety” a more comfortable environment to earn the credit. AP is more widely accepted across the country and is a less expensive alternative.



    Questions for CGCC: 480-732-7006  or email to dualenrollment@cgc.edu