HONORS FRENCH III: HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL


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    Title: Francais III Honors
    Semester: Fall 2020-Spring 2021
    Section: _________


    Period 3 
    Location: Hamilton High School, E216


    Instructor: Madame Sophie Steadman
    Degrees: Master in Psychology (La Sorbonne, Paris) Master in French Literature (A.S.U)
    Contact Information: (480) 883-5200 or Steadman.sophie@cusd80.com

    For access to Infinite Campus please use the following link: https://campus.cusd80.com/campus/portal/chandler.jsp 
    Tutoring hours: After school in E216 every day after school (unless meeting/appointment) Official days : Tuesdays and Thursdays


    Course Description:

    The goals of the French III course are:

    • To understand spoken French
    • To express oneself in French using appropriate pronunciation and intonation
    • To acquire vocabulary and the grasp of structure that enables students to read at an intermediate level, as well as some literature
    • To express ideas in writing
    • To offer a continued exposure to and understanding of the French culture


    Required Course Materials:

    D'accord! Level 3 ( Vista Higher Learning)

    Une fois pour toutes (Longman Publishers)

    Imaginez (Vista Higher Learning)


    Students are required to include materials in a binder, which must accompany the student every day. If you have a binder with multiple courses, you may include my class in it with its own appropriate section. You must come to class prepared with assigned reading, color markers, a black or blue pen, and a red ink pen. Dry erase markers are great to work on white boards

    Classroom expectations and rules:

    -Arrive to class on time and ready to work

    -Follow directions the first time given

    -Respect others and their property

    -Respect the learning environment

    -Contribute positively to the class

    -Remain seated and working until the teacher dismisses you

    -Make sure that your phone is turned off and in your backpack. No electronic devices or ear buds will be tolerated (or 1: the teacher will take it/ 2. Security will be given the device/ 3: referral to administration)

    No food or drink (except water) in the classroom without permission 


    Consequences for not following the rules:


     -Student/teacher conference

    -Call to parents

    -Student/administrator conference

    If at any point, the student is disrespectful to the teacher or to other students, the student will be immediately removed from the classroom and send to an administrator. No profanity or inappropriate behavior.     



    Attendance: Students are expected to be at school on time every day.  Student attendance closely matches student academic achievement.  Students who are absent from school miss the introduction of new material, interactions with peers in discussions, activities, and presentations.  After nine class period absences the student will be referred to an administrator. Students are expected to be seated in their assigned desk and ready to begin class prior to the late bell. An After School Detention policy will be enforced for unexcused tardies and to make up unexcused late work. Please read carefully the student handbook for detailed rules about attendance, and consequences for absences.


    Grading Standards:                                                                                                         

    Students will be graded on homework, quizzes, tests, class activities, oral and written presentations and participation in class.                                                                  


    Quarter I 40% + Quarter II 40% + Final Exam 20% = Semester Grade 

    Grades are based on a total point system (cumulative grading)

    Grades will not be rounded up. Please check your grades regularly in Infinite Campus.

    Extra credit is not available for this class. GRADES ARE NOT ROUNDED UP.



    Late/Missed Work Policy:                                                                                                      

    All homework is expected at the very beginning of class on the assigned due date.  Failure to do so will result in After School Tutoring and a 0 in the grade book until the work is made up. Once the work has been corrected in class, you need to come after school to do it in front of the teacher. Please follow the homework calendar handed out daily. Look in the absence folders for copies of missed handouts. Please do not interrupt class to request missed work instead come after school. It is your responsibility to keep up with work if you are absent.

    Excused absences: You will have the same amount of time you missed from the day you return for full credit.                                                                                                   


    Copying the work of another person and submitting it as your own, obtaining unauthorized or undocumented material from the Internet or other sources, or securing teacher materials or work in a dishonest or unauthorized way are all considered cheating. Referrals will be written and district policy will be followed.  Please ask for help if you need it, I am happy to help; do not be tempted to cheat. 


    Civility Statement:                                                                                                             

    College policy prohibits any conduct, which is harmful, obstructive, disruptive to, or interferes with the educational process... Therefore, the language of any communication between students and instructor or among students shall maintain the level of formality appropriate to any college teaching/learning situation. Excessively informal, rude, or insulting language will not be tolerated. Students who engage in such behavior will be written a formal referral and sent to their grade administrator. No profanity.


    Diversity Statement: 

    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. As members of the Hamilton High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.




    Cell Phones and Electronic Devices:

    Trust is an essential part of learning to master a language.  Due to the recording nature of cellular devices and the resulting threat of harassment or bullying, cell phones may only be used when prompted, in order to support class activities and/or learning. Unless I ask you to use them, cell phones must be stored in a book bag and put away at all times, even during any non-academic periods such as conference. No electronic devices or ear buds will be tolerated.  Any use outside of these purposes results in the following policy. 

      1x: I will take it until 2:14.  2x: Security will be given the device.  3x: Referral to administration.














    La Grande Promesse

    I have read the Honors French III Syllabus, and I understand and accept the concepts and requirements outlined. I also understand that the course may vary from the outline if circumstances warrant.


    Student name (print): __________________________________________

    Student signature:_____________________________________________

    Student email address (please print):______________________________



    Anything you feel I should know that would help you to be your successful in the class



    Parent/Guardian Name (please print):_____________________________________________

    Parent/guardian signature:_____________________________________________________

    Best phone number to reach:___________________________________________________

    Parent email address (please print)

    Anything you feel I should know about your students that would aid their success in this class.




    I am really looking forward to this year with your child and would love to meet you at Open House.