• Summer preparation for both AP Calculus AB and BC                   

    1st - Contact me for an account in Webwork if you are enrolled in AP Calculus AB or BC  - bithi.rabia@cusd80.com

             Send me the following information so that I can create your account for you. 

                                  - your name

                                  - your student ID number

                                  - which course you are enrolling to: AB or BC

             You will log in with your lastnamefirstinitial (all lower case)

             Your password is your student ID number

             Do change your password after you have logged in.

             To log into the Webwork - Click Here  

             Choose AB or BC link depending on which classs you are enrolled in.  


    2nd - If you would like to do additional practice the following packets focuses on concepts that will help in Calculus 

             AB Summer Packet - Click Here 

             BC Summer Packet -

                               Part 1 - Click Here     

                               Part 2 - Click Here


    Looking forward to seeing you all when school starts!!!

    Till then stay safe and healthy!!!