STEM Program

  • Hamilton High School has a robust and well established STEM program which was established in 2008 in a partnership with the University of Arizona.  We were the first in the district and the state to offer a collegel level engineering course that received college credit from a state University.


     Program Goal and Philosophy


    • Get students to complete the first year of an engineering degree while still in High School


    • Philosophy 
      • Advanced students take as much science and math every year at as high a level as possible 
        • Targeting students at least 1 year ahead in math 
        • Take honors math and science starting in grade 9 
        • Culminate in completion of at least 2 ap science courses and at least calculus AB 



    • Focus on science and math classes, not engineering until year 4 
    • Suggested course map 
    • The culminating course is Engineering 102 (UA course #ENGR102), for seniors only.
      • College level engineering class focused on using science and math skills to implement the engineering process in various projects
        • Students in ENGR102 must be co-enrolled or have completed AP Physics C and AP Calculus AB
        • acquired during the first 3 years of High School.
      • Engineers must have science/math skills not just technical skills 
      • Focus on predicting performance before building (actual engineering practice) 
    • Comparison with CTE Engineering courses (Project Lead the Way-PLTW):
      • CTE/PLTW 
        • Exploratory for on-level students 
        • Hands on 
        • Post HS career focus 
        • Technical certifications  
        • Fewer math/science requirements 
      •  HHS STEM 
        • Rigorous math/science for advanced students
        • Hands on plus math/science integration
        • Links to projects 
        • College engineering degree focus 
  • For more information, please contact

    Jim Clark

    Science Dept. Chair

    Engineering Instructor

Last Modified on February 5, 2020