• Instructor Information:

    Coach Vanis                             Email: vanis.sharon@cusd80.com                

    Classroom:      Gym

    Phone:             883-5216


    Hamilton Academy Diversity Statement

    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry.  As members of the Hamilton High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participation in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.


    Hamilton Appropriate Use of Technology

    The Governing Board intends that technological resources provided by the district be used in a safe responsible and proper manner in support of the instructional program and for the advancement of student learning.  It is the policy of the Chandler Unified School District to maintain an environment that promotes, ethical and responsible conduct in all electronic resource activities by staff and students.  The District reserves the right to monitor use of the District’s systems for improper use without warning or prior consent.  Students shall be informed that computer files and electronic communications, including email, are not private and may be accessed by the District at any time.  Inappropriate use may result in disciplinary action and/or legal action in accordance with the law and Board policy.  Please visit the student handbook at https://www.cusd80.com/handbooks  for further details about appropriate use of technology.


    Hamilton Virtual Attendance Statement

    Attendance is based on engagement.  If a student is not present for synchronous instruction and does not complete the asynchronous/alternative assignment for the daily class meeting, then the student is considered absent.  Teachers will contact attendance clerks once a student is determined to be absent



    Hamilton Volleyball Academy Objectives

    The Hamilton volleyball academy is specifically designed to develop and improve technical volleyball skills and overall fitness.  The purpose and objectives of the volleyball academy are:

    • The students will demonstrate efficiency in the skills necessary to perform the basic competitive volleyball skills.
    • The students will demonstrate specialized volleyball skills that improve overall volleyball performance (i.e., passing, serving, setting).
    • The students will improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance by participating in specifically designed fitness and volleyball drills.
    • The students will improve health-related fitness skills by participating in strength activities (muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility)
    • The students will improve skill-related fitness (speed, agility, power, balance) techniques.
    • The students will learn to set and maintain goals related to fitness, volleyball and nutrition.



    Volleyball Academy Extended Information:

    The volleyball academy is a program designed to help develop volleyball skills and knowledge.  The course is open to all Hamilton students regardless of team participation.  If the student does not make a team during the selection process, they are encouraged to remain in the course to continue developing their skills.  The class is also designed to motivate and drive students to the next level of athletic potential and more importantly, fitness potential.  The students are held to a higher standard.


    Materials /Supplies:

    • Academy Uniform – purchased at Hamilton Book store.

    It must be worn, no exceptions.

    • Running shoes – A good court shoe, no casual fashion shoes (i.e.- Vans).
    • Knee pads- Ask a coach for a good recommendation.


    Rules and Requirements:

    1. Students must be on time, dressed out and prepared for class – NO EXCEPTIONS.
    2. All students are required to dress appropriately for each class.
    3. Listen and follow directions.
    4. Be respectful to others and self.
    5. Full participation in the entire class is required to earn the day’s participation points.
    6. Keep locker room clean – Pick up your items and trash.
    7. No food, gum or drinks other than water are allowed in locker room and gyms…no Gatorade, Vitamin Water, etc.
    8. No electronic devices unless otherwise noted by teacher (cell phones, iPods, cameras, etc.). They will be given to security for parent pick up after one warning.
    9. Do NOT bombard the office. Please only talk to me about anything pertaining to you and the course.  It is not the other teachers' job.  Come in, get dressed and if you have an issue wait for me politely to be available. 


    Participation Expectations:

    1. Full participation in the ENTIRE class is required to earn the day’s participation points.
    2. Once the late bell has rung you have 6 minutes to get dressed. No loitering or wasting time.  If you do NOT dress in those 6 minutes you will lose points.
    3. Students are expected to have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE throughout the entire class.
    4. Students are expected to give their PERSONAL BEST during all activities.
    5. Referral will occur after the third non-dress. Removal may occur after the fourth non-dress.



    All behavioral problems will be handled according to district policy (Student Handbook). 

    *This course is a privilege; student will be removed if necessary.






    Volleyball Academy Uniform Policy:

    All students are required to dress appropriately and completely for every class.  The following are some additional guidelines and suggestions: 

    • Uniform may not be worn over your regular clothes.
    • Underwear may not show. Shorts/Spandex may not be too short.
    • Partial dress will not be accepted, this will result in a non-dress.
    • Students will be moved to a general physical education class if they received 4 non-dresses, as this is a higher level class.


    Locks and Lockers

    • Each Hamilton Academy student will receive a lock and a locker.
    • Permission to switch lockers must be given by your teacher only.
    • If a student loses their lock and it is not in the lost and found, they will be charged a fee payable to the bookstore. This must be paid to receive a new lock.
    • Combinations must be kept CONFIDENTIAL. The teacher will not open or give out any combination except to the owner of the locker.
    • It is VERY important that each student lock their belongings every class period! It is also VERY important that students do not walk away from their belongings while they use the restroom, or etc.   We do have incidences of theft and the only way we can help is by reinforcing the use of the locks in the correct manner, and the diligent act of keeping your belongings in your sight and possession when they are unlocked. 




    Grading and Course Assignments:

    All students will have the opportunity to EARN an A. The students’ grades will be based on:

    • PARTICIPATION – 40 points/week.

    Students will earn a total of 40 points per week for participation. 10 points will be awarded each day for ACTIVELY participating in the entire class.  The teacher will remove points if the student is tardy, has poor or no participation, poor attitude, uses foul language, does not dress out for class and/or has unexcused absences.


    These are written assignments done during block days.



    Although not done frequently, students will at times be tested or given other assignments.

    The student’s final grade will be determined by the following:                   

    1st Quarter = 40%

    2nd Quarter = 40%

    Final = 20%


    (During virtual learning if a student does not attend the synchronous instruction the assignment must be complete by the next time the class meets to get her points.)


    Make-Up Policies & Injured/Sick Students:

    • Make-ups are allowed for excused absences and are written assignments.
    • Students who are restricted from physical activity due to an illness or injury must provide a WRITTEN EXCUSE with a date, phone number and signed by a parent/guardian. Each student is allowed no more than two acceptable excuses per semester.  Anything requiring longer than two days will need to be verified by a doctor.  These days also need to be made-up with the make-up form.
    • Students having an injury or sickness verified by a doctor, lasting longer than two days, will be handled between student and teacher based on the situation.  If the student will be injured or sick for more than 2 weeks, placement in a different class will be recommended, as this class is based on physical activity.
    • Even if the student is injured or sick, the student will still be required to dress in uniform.
    • Not participating or dressing out for unacceptable reasons (menstrual cramps, piercings, unexcused absence, forgetting clothes, etc.) will result in a zero, and no make-up is offered.




    Excessive Absences

    A.R.S. §15-803 (B) states that absences may be considered excessive when the number of absent days exceeds ten percent of the number of required attendance days prescribed in A.R.S. §15-802. Ten percent equates to nine (9) days of absences per semester regardless of whether they are excused or unexcused.  Students with excessive excused absences will be required to provide medical documentation to remain in class and excuse any further absences. If additional absences occur, and medical documentation is not provided, the student will be referred to administration





















    Acknowledgement of Rules and Procedures



    Name of Student:



    I have received, read and understand the classroom rules and expectations for Volleyball Academy.  



    Signature of Student                                       Date             




    Signature of Parent                                        Date



    Parent’s e-mail: ______________________________________________



    Parent’s phone number: _______________________________________