• Article I: Name 

    Section 1 

    The name of this student body club shall be the Dungeons and Dragons Club, also known as D&D Club.  

    Article II: Purpose 

    Section 1 

    The Hamilton High School Dungeons and Dragons club aims to bring students into a social and non-judgmental environment without the presence of cell phones. All students  can actively engage in face-to-face interaction with their peers using materials provided by the club. Campaigns held by both students and adults teach club members how to make independent choices, cooperate with teammates, and act calmly under pressure. The club aims to promote community in a generation that relies on social media and online games for entertainment.  


    Article III: Membership 

    Section 1 

    Membership is open to any student enrolled at Hamilton High School.  


    Secion 2 

    Membership is $10 for the academic school year and paid to the bookstore. 


    Article IV: Officers & Duties  

    Section 1 

    The D&D Club shall have the following officers: 

    • President 
    • Vice President 
    • Secretary 
    • Treasurer  

    Section 2 

    The duties of the President are as follows: Attend any meetings of the D&D Club, schedule and preside over meetings, act as spokesperson for D&D Club, temporarily assume the duties for absent or unavailable officers until such officers can be appointed. 

     Section 3 

    The duties of the Vice President are as follows: Attend any meetings of the D&D Club, oversees mentorship of new players, and assist the President with his/her duties and responsibilities.  

    Section 4 

    The duties of the Secretary are as follows: Ensure meetings are effectively organized, ensure accurate minutes of all meetings, and maintain effective records.  

    Section 5 

    The duties of the Treasurer are as follows: Maintaining complete and accurate records of club finances.  

    Article V: Officer Elections and Terms of Office 

    Section 1 

    Officers shall be elected at the beginning of the school year. Officers shall be elected to their position by the simple majority of the voting members present. 

    Section 2 

    An officer may be removed from office on the grounds of misconduct or not performing their duties by 2/3rd majority vote of regular eligible members.  


    Article VI: Meetings 

    Section 1 

    Meetings shall be scheduled based on the schedules of the group members. Meetings shall occur no less than twice per month, and no more than once per week.  

    Section 2 

    Due to the nature of D&D Club, consistent attendance is necessary in order for campaigns and stories to successfully progress.  

    Article VII: Constitution Amendments  

    Section 1 

    Any amendments to the constitution will be done at a gathering of all club members with 70% or more attendance and must have the support of 2/3rds of all club members. The changes must have been proposed 2 weeks before being implemented.