• AP Chemistry D206: Period 6 at HHS and at COA

    Materials needed for AP Chemistry

    Text   - The class text is Chemistry 7th Edition by Steven Zumdahl. Use it regularly for reading materials, reference and to complete homework assignments.  This book will become your friend!!! 

    Calculators – A TI-83 plus or similar calculator is strongly recommended.  A scientific calculator will also work.  Students will be most successful if they bring their own calculator to use on a daily basis.    

    3 ring binder or folder  – A 3 ring binder or folder can be used for notes, handouts, and homework

    AP Helpful Documents:
    Honors Chemistry D206: Periods 1 & 4 
    Materials for Honors Chemistry

    TextTextbooks will be checked out on an as needed basis.  

    Folder Three-ring folder to organize chemistry materials and graded papers/unit packets. (This folder can be shared with other subjects but it needs to have a dedicated section just for chemistry.)
    Calculator Scientific calculator of any sort. 


    Whiteboard Markers -  Students should have their own set of whiteboard markers. (Donations of extra whiteboard markers for student use will be gladly accepted. Black or a multicolor 4 pack is a good choice. Yellow or neon colors are not easy to see so avoid these colors.)


    Student Supplies  Folder, lined paper, pens and pencils. Colorful correcting pens (such as red or green) and colored pencils are optional but helpful.

    Honors Helpful Documents: