• Daily Class Schedule for Ms. Polus:
    Period 1--Core Biology, 10th grade
    Period 2--Core Biology, 10th grade
    Period 3--Core Biology, 10th grade
    A Lunch
    Period 4--Core Biology, 10th grade
    Period 5--Core Biology, 10th grade
    Period 6--Core Biology, 10th grade 
    Tutoring Schedule:
    I am available any day of the week after school.  I am most often on campus until 3:15 each day.  This year I am teaching all periods of the day. The only time I will have for planning is before and after school. This means my after school time is in high demand. Once in awhile, I have to run out early to do something for/with one of my own children or I might have a meeting.  You/your student are welcome to visit/get help any time.  I have a formal tutoring time that can be used by any Biology student from any teacher.  That is scheduled every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:40 until 3:40. This is the standard time to make up missed labs and tests or quizzes as well. If you need me on a day other than Wednesday or Thursday, it would be nice if you would like to schedule the time with me ahead so I can plan, but it is not mandatory.  If you cannot find me or just need someone else to explain a concept, we have a Biology tutoring schedule available.  Please see that schedule below. 
    Core Biology Tutoring Schedule  
    Monday:  Sears D214 2:15-  and  Mitchell D210 3:10-3:40
    uesday:   Mitchell D210 6:55-7:20am  and  Sears D214 2:15-
    Wednesday:   Hale N101 2:15-  and  Polus D205 2:40-3:40
    Thursday:  Hale N101 2:15-  and  Polus D205 2:40-3:40
    Friday:   Straube D207 6:55-7:20am  and  Straube D207 2:15-2:45