• If possible, please email me with any questions about Honors Biology:  Sears.Brian@cusd80.com
    Classroom schedule:
    Period 1: D214 (Honors Biology)
    Period 2: D214 (Honors Biology)
    Period 3: D214 (Honors Biology)
    Period 4: D214 (Honors Biology)
    Period 5: D214 (Honors Biology)
    Period 6: D214 (Honors Biology)
    Welcome to my Honors Biology Homework Website!  Please contact me via email with any questions: sears.brian@cusd80.com   Go to this wesite for a list of homework, classwork and/or project due dates.  I typically update the homework website at the beginning of every week!
    http://new.schoolnotes.com/xpages/view/175498/2 (Honors Biology)

    Refer to the Honors Biology class syllabus for any Frequently Asked Questions about Mr. Sears' Biology Classes. See attached documents:  2017-2018 Honors Biology Syllabus    Contract For Success