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    For the fifth year in a row, our Hamilton Academic Decathlon team won the Regional IV title! 

    For the sencond straight year, we won the State title!

    Competition team: Aris Zhu, Jasmine Sun, Ethan Xiong, Jake Grieshaber, Abhinav Adari, Eishan Giran, Tyler Thornton, Matthew Nguyen, and Helena Bigman.

     Team results:

    Super Quiz –

    1st place Hamilton (32 points)

    2nd place Mtn View (28 points)

    3rd place Casteel (27 points)


    1st – Hamilton 43,086.9

    2nd – BASIS Scottsdale 37,721.7

    3rd - Mountain View Mesa 37,698.3

    4th – Red Mountain 37,638.8

    5th – Westwood 36,476.5

     Individual awards:

    Honors division

    Ethan Xiong – 3rd overall honors, Gold Lang and Lit, Gold Art, Silver Music, Silver Economics, Bronze Social Science

    Jasmine Sun – 2nd overall honors, Gold Social Science (tie), Silver Art, Bronze Lang and Lit, Bronze Math

    Aris Zhu – 1st overall honors, Highest scoring student of the competition, Gold Music, Gold Social Science (tie), Silver Lang and Lit, Silver Math, Silver Interview, Silver Art, Bronze Science

    Scholastic division

    Jake Grieshaber – 3rd overall Scholastic, Gold Lang and Lit, Gold Music, Silver Science, Silver Art, Silver Social Science, Bronze Economics

    Abhinav Adari – 4th overall Scholastic, Silver Economics, Silver Science

    Eisha Giran – Gold Art, Silver Music, Bronze Social Science

    Varsity division

    Tyler Thornton – 3rd overall varsity, Gold Music, Gold Science, Silver Social Science, Bronze Art

    Matthew Nguyen – Bronze Math

    Thanks to Esther Bateson for her hard work as the Regional Essay Chair, and to our wonderful teachers and parents who gave up their Friday afternoon and evening to judge for us. You are appreciated.


    WF Friday

    Williams Field Invitational

    Our Hamilton Academic Decathlon team once again upheld their reputation as one of the top programs in the State! 

    Team results:

    1st - Hamilton 42,027

    2nd - Red Mountain 35,932

    3rd - Higley 35,335

     Individual results:


    Ethan Xiong- 1st overall, 1st honors category, 3rd Economics, 1st Speech, 1st Interview, 1st Music, 3rd Science, 1st Lang and Lit

    Jasmine Sun- 3rd honors category, 1st Art, 2nd Interview, 1st Essay, 2nd Lang and Lit, 2nd Social Sci

    Aris Zhu-2nd Math, 3rd Music

    Nidhi Athreya- 3rd Speech, 2nd Art, 1st Social Science

    Michael Chen- 1st Math, 1st Economics

    Hanson Liu- 3rd Math

    Patrick Kigin - 1st Science, 3rd Social Sci


    Jake Grieshaber-  1st Scholastic category, 3rd Math, 1st Music, 1st Science, 2nd Lang and Lit, 2nd Social Sci (tie), 

    Abhi Adari-  3rd scholastic category, 2nd Economics, 3rd Art, 3rd Science, 2nd Social Sci (tie)

    Eisha Giran- 3rd Music, 3rd Lang and Lit

    Sophie Macko- 1st Lang and Lit


    Tyler Thornton-2nd varsity category,  3rd Speech, 1st Art, 3rd Interview (tie), 1st Music, 

    Matthew Nguyen- 3rd Interview (tie)


    This was our final tournament to determine the competition team. Congratulations to the following students who will be moving on the Regional Competition:

    Ethan Xiong, Jasmine Sun, Aris Zhu, Jake Grieshaber, Abhi Adari, Eisha Giran, Tyler Thornton, Matthew Nguyen, Helena Bigman.  It was a VERY difficult decision as all of our kids did so well.


    Hamilton Invitational

    Please congratulate members of Hamilton's Academic Decathlon team who took 1st place this weekend at the 7th Annual Hamilton Invitational. A special thank you to all of you gave your valuable time to judge for us; your consistent support is noticed and appreciated. 

    With no further ado, the results!
    1st Overall team
    2nd Super Quiz (we lost by 1 point to Seton)
    We swept the top overall scorers is every category:
    1st overall honors - Aris Zhu
    1st overall Scholastic - Jake Grieshaber
    1st overall Varsity - Tyler Thornton
    Individual medals:
    Aris Zhu-1st overall, 3rd Music, 3rd Science, 2nd Math, 3rd Economics, 1st Interview, 2nd Social Sci (tie)
    Ethan Xiong - 2nd overall,  1st Music, 1st Economics, 1st Social Sci
    Jasmine Sun - 2nd Lang and Lit, 1st Art, , 3rd Art, 2nd Interview, 2nd Social Sci (tie)
    Patrick Kigin - 1st Lang and Lit, 2nd Music, 1st Science, 2nd Social Sci (tie)
    Nidhi Athreya - 3rd Lang and Lit, 2nd Speech,
    Michael Chen - 1st Math (perfect score!)
    Hanson Liu - 3rd Math
    Jake Grieshaber - 1st scholastic, 2nd Lang and Lit, 3rd Science, 1st Art, 3rd Economics, 1st Social Sci,
    Abhi Adari - 1st Science, 2nd Science, 1st Math, 2nd Economics,
    Eisha Giran - 2nd Art,
    Sophie Macko - 2nd Music, 3rd Essay, 3rd Social Sci
    Daniel Choi - 3rd Lang and Lit
    Jillian Kahn - 2nd Speech, 2nd Social Sci
    Tyler Thornton - 1st varsity, 1st Lang and Lit, 3rd Music, 1st Art, 3rd Speech, 1st Social Sci
    Matt Nguyen - 2nd varsity, 2nd Music, 1st Math, 2nd Essay, 3rd Social Sci
    Our next competition is in January at Williams Field. 


    Results from National competition (73 schools from the US, China, and the UK):sq

    Jake Nance, Aris Zhu, Jasmine Sun, Zuzia Stechly, Emma Keegan, Navaneeth Unnikrishnan, Emily Jefferson, Melina Chabolla, and Tyler Thornton

    Division 1, Top 4 Teams

    1st - Granada Hills Charter School, California

    2nd - Dulles High School, Texas

    3rd - Whitney Young Magnet School, Illinois


    Super Quiz:

    1st- Granada Hills Charter School, California

    2nd - Dulles High School, Texas


    Individual awards:

    Jake Nance- Bronze OVERALL, Gold Science, Silver Lang and Lit, Silver Music, Silver Art, Bronze Math

    Jasmine Sun - Gold Art, Silver Interview, Bronze Science, Bronze Social Science, Bronze Speech

    Zuzia Stechly - Gold Interview, Silver Art, Bronze Music

    Emily Jefferson - Bronze Lang and Lit

    Melina Chabolla - Bronze Interview


    Results from State competition:


    018-19 Hamilton STATE CHAMPIONS: Jake Nance, Aris Zhu, Jasmine Sun, Zuzia Stechly, Emma Keegan, Navaneeth Unnikrishnan, Emily Jefferson, Melina Chabolla, and Tyler Thornton


    2019 State results


    1st – HAMILTON              47,544.7

    2nd – Canyon del Oro      47,535.6

    3rd – Westwood               46,437.5

    4th – Mtn. View Mesa     45,239.9

    5th – Cesar Chavez          42,879.2

    6th – Seton                       40,436.5

    7th – Skyline                     39,572.9

    8th – Basha                       38,787.6

    9th – Casteel                    38,652.0

    10th – Cibola                    38,121.3


    Super Quiz Relay

    1st – Hamilton  

    2nd – Canyon del Oro

    3rd – Mtn. View Mesa


    Individual awards:


    Jake Nance – 1st overall honors, HIGHEST SCORER IN THE STATE, 1st Art, 1st Economics, 1st Math (tie), 1st Science, 3rd Social Science, 3rd Lang and Lit

    Aris Zhu – 1st Math (tie), 2nd Music

    Jasmine Sun – 1st Social Science, 2nd Math, 3rd Science, 3rd Art


    Zuzia Stechly – 2nd overall scholastic, 1st Art, 1st Interview, 1st Music, 3rd Speech

    Navaneeth Unnikrishnan – 3rd Interview


    Emily Jefferson – 2nd overall varsity (6 points out of 1st!), 1st Math, 2nd Economics

    Results from Regional Competition:

    1st place: Hamilton High

    Results from the Williams Field Acadecmic Decathlon Invitational:

    You Hamilton Academic Decathlon team competed against fourteen schools including the strongest teams in our Region at the Williams Field Invitational this weekend.

    They represented us well. 😊 #huskyproud

    WF Fri

    Team results:

    1st- Hamilton  42,925.3

    2nd  Mountain View Mesa  35,360

    3rd – Seton Catholic  35,177.7


    Individual awards:


    Jake Nance – 1st Overall Honors, 1st Music, 1st Science, 1st Art, 1st Math (Perfect score), 1st Econ, 2nd Essay, 2nd Speech, 1st Social Science

    Nidhi Athreya – 1st Lang and Lit, 2nd Art (tie), 3rd Social Science

    Archana Ram – 3rd Music, 2nd Science

    Megan Ridgway – 3rd Science, 2nd Art (tie)

    Jasmine Sun – 3rd Overall Honors, 2nd Art, 2nd Math, 3rd Essay, 2nd Social Science

    Aris Zhu – 2nd Overall Honors, 1st Lang and Lit, 2nd Music, 3rd Social Science


    Zuzia Stechly – 1st Overall Scholastic, 3rd Lang and Lit, 3rd Music, 1st Art, 2nd Econ, 1st Essay, 1st Speech (perfect score), 2nd Social Science

    Emma Keegan – 2nd Music, 2nd Art


    Emily Jefferson – 1st Overall Varsities, 1st Lang and Lit, 1st Music, 2nd Math, 1st Econ, 3rd Speech, 2nd Interview, 3rd Social Science

    Tyler Thornton – 3rd Science


    Results from the 6th Annual Hamilton Academic Decathlon Invitational:

    This weekend, Hamilton hosted 200 students from 12 East Valley Schools at our 6th Annual Invitational Tournament. A special thank you to the Hamilton staff who worked as judges and proctors, especially to Esther Bateson for heading up our Essay room, and to Matt Zimmerer and Steve Munczek who stayed until almost 10pm Friday evening to ensure that the essays were completed. All told, 102 adult volunteers came together to provide these kids with a fantastic experience. As always, Hugo, Renee, Jay, and the custodial team for their professionalism and dedication to making us look and sound our best!

    Team Results:

    1st - Hamilton    43,464.7 points

    2nd – Seton     37,221.8 points

    3rd – Higley    36,716.3

    4th- Basis Scottsdale   33,904.5

    5th – Casteel   33,852.6

    6 - Basha  33,744.6

    7- Basis Chandler   33,153.1

    8 - Williams Field   31,641.3

    9 - Chandler  30,265.3

    10 - Campo Verde  29,889

     11 - Marcos

    12 - GCA

    Individual awards for Hamilton students:


    Nidhi Athreya – 1st Lang and Lit, 3rd Art, 2nd Social Sci, 5th overall

    Jake Nance – 1st overall competition, 1st overall honors, 3rd Lang and Lit, 1st Music, 1st Science, 1st Art, 2nd Math, 1st Econ, 1st Soc Sci

    Archana Ram – 3rd Soc Sci

    Megan Ridgway – 3rd Music

    Jasmine Sun – 2nd overall honors, 2nd Lang and Lit, 2nd Art, 1st Soc Sci (tie)

    Sarah Zhang – 1st Lang and Lit (tie), 2nd Music, 3rd Science, 3rd Art, 3rd Speech

    Aris Zhu – 3rd overall honors, 2nd Music, 3rd Econ, 2nd Speech, 3rd Soc Sci

    Benjamin Tung – 3rd Social Sci (tie)


    Jennalynn Fung – 2rd Soc Sci

    Emma Keegan – 3rd Art, 3rd Soc Sci

    Nikki Lajom – 1st Math

    Zuzia Stechly – 1st overall scholastic, 1st Lang and Lit, 1st Music, 2nd Science, 1st Art, 1st Econ, 1st Essay, 2nd Speech, 1st Social Sci

    Navaneeth Unnikrishnan – 3rd interview, 3rd Social Sci


    Melina Chabolla – 2nd Art, 3rd Math, 1st Speech, 2nd Interview

    Emily Jefferson – 2nd overall varsity, 1st Lang and Lit, 1st Music, 2nd Math, 3rd Econ

    Tyler Thornton – 3rd Social Sci

    Please congratulate all of our decathletes. The top 15 will now be moving on to the Williams Field Invitational in January.


    Seton Mini-Scrimmage - 41 individual awards! Great job, Huskies!

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