• English 9

    Grade 9

    Full year, 1 credit

    This curriculum is designed to develop advanced language, literature and analysis skills.   Emphasis is

    placed on mastering grammatical concepts, improving writing, and using literature as a basis for writing.

    Students at this level are expected to display higher level thinking skills and advanced analytic skills in

    both reading and writing.

    Honors World Studies: 
    This class combines Honors World History and Honors English 9 to create Honors World Studies where the curriculum from both disciplines will be used to reinforce the other discipline by making connections between history, cultures, and literature.  World history and geography covers the time periods from early civilizations to the present.  Critical thinking, study skills, problem solving, teamwork, and the integration of all forms of technology will be encouraged so that students see the interconnectedness of the essential question from both history and English.  This course also includes historical interpretation, primary source review, and analysis skills while emphasizing writing skills, literature, and vocabulary.  Writing activities give students practice in organizing and developing narrative, cause and effect, and compare and contrast compositions, literary reviews and research papers.  Mastery of the writing process is expected to demonstrate student’s ability to critically think about the world.  In addition, students study short stories, novels, poetry, and a Shakespearean play.  The class meets two periods every day.  This course will be taught collaboratively by the English 9 and World History teacher for the benefit of the student learner to see the thematic correlations between history and literature.


    English 10

    Grade 10

    Full year, 1 credit

    This course emphasizes organizing, developing, editing and revising compositions.   Literature studies

    introduce literary terminology, critical and analytical reading and appreciation of literature.

    Honors English 10

    Grade 10

    Prerequisite:  Honors English 9

    Full year, 1 credit

    This curriculum is designed to develop advanced language, literature, and analysis skills.  Students in the

    honors program have a challenging year studying all aspects of English literature, including Shakespeare,

    poetry,  short  stories,  and  drama.   Evidence  of  higher  level  thinking  skills  and  independent  work  is


    English 11

    Grade 11

    Prerequisite:  English 10

    Full year, 1 credit

    English  11  offers an  integrated  program  of  writing  and  literature,  focusing  on  the  study  of  American

    Literature  and  persuasive/argumentative  writing.    Students  will  also  write  a  compare  and  contrast

    composition, research paper, narrative, and a literary analysis.

    AP Language & Composition

    Grade 11

    Prerequisite:  Honors English 10

    This  course  is  designed  to  prepare  students  for  the  Advanced  Placement  English  Language  and

    Composition Exam.  This rigorous and challenging course focuses on language analysis, literary analysis

    and advanced composition.   This college-level course entails a good deal of independent reading and

    writing, including argumentative writing and research.   It is recommended that students who take this

    elective course have above average listening, reading, writing, and computer skills.  Please note that this

    class uses a college-level reading list, which is available from the instructor upon request.

    English 12

    Grade 12

    Prerequisite:  English 11

    Full year, 1 credit

    English 12 emphasizes the analysis of British and world literature, development of critical thinking, and

    writing for the argumentative/persuasive, research, and narrative genres.   Academic resume writing is


    AP Literature & Composition

    Grade 12

    Prerequisite:  AP Language & Composition

    Full year, 1 credit

    This is a college-level course designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement English exam.

    Both  analytical  and  creative  writing  are  accentuated,  preparing  students  for  the  rigors  of  college

    composition by honing their abilities to write clearly, cogently, and stylistically.  Entering students should

    have above average listening, reading, writing, time management, and organizational skills.  Please note

    that this class uses a college-level reading list, which is available from the instructor upon request.

    Newspaper Staff

    Grades 10-12

    Prerequisite:  Journalism or instructor approval

    Students in this class work on the school newspaper.  They handle all phases of publication.  Leadership

    positions  are  available.    Field  trips,  conventions  and  workshops  where  the  students'  work  can  be

    submitted in contests are part of the class.  There is after school, evening and weekend work.  Students

    should  have  some  background  in  photography,  word  processing,  computers,  art  graphics,  business

    practices, and organizational skills.  May be repeated for credit.

    Yearbook Staff                                                                          

    Grades 10-12

    Prerequisite:  Instructor approval

    Members  of  this  class  will  produce  the  school  yearbook. This  will  include  all  planning,  writing, photography, and page design for the book, as well as supervising its distribution. Students should have

    a background in writing, photography, computers, and graphic design. There is after school, evening and

    weekend work.  May be repeated for credit.
    Creative Writing                                                                                                  
    Grades 10-12

    This course is for students who are interested in developing their creative writing skills.  They will have

    an opportunity to investigate their ideas and opinions about the world and to express them in powerful,

    effective language.  Students read and write poems, plays, short stories, and autobiographies to discover

    the characteristics of literary forms.


    Honors Academic Decathlon

    Grades 9-12

    Full year, 1 elective credit

    This  course  is  a  year  long  elective  which  exposes  the  student  to  the  integrated  nature  of  human

    experience.  Students will conduct research and critical inquiry into a broad array of academic disciplines

    and  communication  skills  covering  this  year's  theme.   Students  will  evaluate  material  covered  in  the

    course  from  ethical,  aesthetic,  and  intellectual  perspectives.    Students  will  master  the  basic  content

    knowledge requirements of the academic areas of art, economics, language, literature, music, physical or

    social science, speech and the super quiz topic.  Participation in at least one competition is required.  May

    be repeated for credit.

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