• Dance Auditions
    Boys and Girls are welcome to audition.
    Please wear appropriate dance attire, and bring a bottle of water to auditions.
    February/March 2020
    Intermediate Dance
    Students should have had at least one year of dance experience in jazz, ballet, and modern technique. Audition will consist of basic skills test (chaine, pirouette, saut de chat, etc.) and a center combination. Students will be placed based on technical accuracy, style/performance qualities, knowledge, and work ethic.
    Advanced/Junior Company Dance
    Junior Company Dance members should have three or more years of dance experience in jazz, ballet, modern, tap, and hip hop. Auditions will consist of two combination (jazz and hip hop) and turns. You will be assessed on a triple pirouette, fouette's, and a la seconde turns. Some members will be apart of the competition team.
    February/March 2020
    Hamilton Dance Company
    Company members should have a strongly developed knowledge of jazz, ballet, modern, tap, and hip hop. You should be able to learn and memorize quickly, understand dynamics in movement choice, perform triple or more pirouettes, have strong leaps/jumps, advanced fouette/a la seconde, kip up, head spring, aerial, and extentions/flexability. Auditions will consist of learning two combinations the first day, second day is a skills test and performance of the combinations learned the previous day with cuts and callback, and the final day is a skills test and the performance of your original self created solo. The solo should be no more than one and a half minutes. 

    * If you are an 8th grader and you would like to be in dance at Hamilton, you need only sign up for dance to take a beginning course. All higher level courses require an audition.