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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between AP and Dual Enrollment?

     Both options offer students the chance to receive college credit while attending high school. They are separate programs, both with advantages for your student.

    AP credit will transfer to many universities across the country. The student must pass with a qualifying grade in order for the credit to be accepted, and policies vary from institution to institution. For general information about credit transfer as it relates to the AP program, please visit http://apscore.collegeboard.org/creditandplacement/search-credit-policies.  For information relating to a specific college or university, it is recommended that you visit the institution’s website to research their individual credit transfer policies.

    For information about our Dual Enrollment program, click here.

     My student wants to take an AP test for a class that he didn’t take, is this allowed?

    We discourage students from self-study for most AP tests. In order to be as successful as possible, it is strongly recommended that the student does the course work. Students choosing to test as self-study must receive approval from administration prior to ordering their exam.

     My child is taking five different tests – is there financial aid available?

    Financial aid is available to those who qualify based on federal guidelines. Students may pick up a financial aid application in C223.

     Exam day questions


     QUESTION: Will there be a physical timer for all students to see or does everyone need to buy a watch?

    ANSWER: We place large clocks in view of all students, also our teachers (proctors) will be giving verbal time clues as the testing goes on. Countdown timers are not allowed.

     QUESTION: If students have an afternoon exam, are they excused for morning classes? Likewise if a morning exam, are they excused for the rest of the day?

    ANSWER: No, students will not be excused from school for the morning or afternoon on the day of their exams. They will come to school, then go to the location for their exam (if afternoon exam), or go to the exam location then back to school (if morning exam). The only attendance time excused is when students are actually taking exams.

     QUESTION: Why can’t students park at the offsite testing location?

    ANSWER: Safety and to be sure they go back to school. We are still responsible for students while they are offsite testing, we do not want students leaving the testing site and not returning to school. Students are able to walk to and from school as the location is just across the street from Hamilton –security will be at the crosswalk for the students. If students drive their own car they must park at school then walk to the testing location.

     QUESTION: Can students have a snack during testing?

    ANSWER: All testing times give a break in which students are able to leave the testing room and eat a quick snack, however they are not allowed to be on their phones or review any study guides at this time as testing will resume.


    If you have other questions about our AP program, please call our office at 480-883-5040.


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Last Modified on July 24, 2020