• Algebra 1

    Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite:  Math 8

    This course is the first year of a standards-based mathematics curriculum.  Number sense topics include

    the   concept   of   understanding   and   applying   numbers,   ways   of   representing   numbers,   and   the

    relationships among numbers and different number systems.   Data analysis focuses on the concept of

    understanding and applying data collection, organization and representation to analyze and sort data.

    Algebra topics focus on the concept of representing and analyzing mathematical situations and structures

    using algebraic representations.  Geometric topics include specifying and describing spatial relationships

    using coordinate geometry and other representational systems.  Structure and logic focuses on algorithms

    and  algorithmic  thinking  and  the  concept  of  using  reasoning  to  solve  mathematical  problems  in

    contextual situations.

    Math Standards

    Grades 11-12

    Prerequisite:  AIMS math score placement

    Full year, 1 credit

    This course will assist students in meeting the state-mathematics standards.  Junior and senior students

    who have not passed the AIMS test will be enrolled in this course.   Topics will include number sense,

    data analysis, algebra, geometry, measurement and logic.  The course will provide students a review of

    the fundamentals of mathematics.  Emphasis is placed on student understanding of the state mathematics



    Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite:  Algebra 1

    Full year, 1 credit

    This  course  is  the  second  year  of  a  standards-based  mathematics  curriculum.   Number  sense  topics

    include  the  concept  of  using  estimation  strategies  reasonably  and  fluently.    Probability  focuses  on

    recording data from a probability experiment and comparing the outcome to predictions made prior to

    performing the experiment.   Discrete mathematics topics include understanding and demonstrating the

    systematic listing and counting of possible outcomes.  Geometric properties will be used to analyze the

    attributes and properties of two and three-dimensional shapes and developing mathematical arguments

    about their relationships.  Students will learn to use logic, reasoning and mathematical proofs to evaluate

    situations and select problem-solving strategies.

    Honors Geometry 

    Grade 9

    Prerequisite:  Algebra 1

    Full year, 1 credit

    This is the second year of a standards-based accelerated mathematics curriculum that emphasizes real-life

    problems and applications.

    Algebra 2 

    Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite:  Algebra 1, Geometry

    Full year, 1 credit

    This course is the third year of an integrated study of mathematics.  Students will model and solve real-

    life  situations dealing  with such  topics as  probability,  statistics, algebraic  functions,  geometry,  and an

    introduction to trigonometry.


    Honors Algebra 2

    Grades 9-10

    Prerequisite:  Honors Algebra 1, Honors Geometry

    This course is a continuation of Honors Algebra 1where students model and solve real-life

    situations   dealing   with   such   topics   as   probability,   statistics,   algebraic   functions,   geometry,   and


    Mathematics Year 4

    Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite:  Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2

    Full year, 1 credit

    In Mathematics Year 4 students will master algebraic methods and properties.  Students will analyze and

    interpret the behavior and nature of functions.  The types of functions will include: polynomial, rational,

    exponential, logarithmic, absolute value, and piecewise.  Other topics may include: systems of equations,

    matrices,  combinations,  permutations,  sequences,  series,  conics,  and  data  analysis  with  a  focus  on

    modeling and solving real world problems.


    AP Statistics

    Grades 10-12

    Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus or Algbra 2

     Full year, 1 credit

    This is a college-level course designed to meet the requirements for students to take the AP examination.

    The four major conceptual themes that will be studied are data analysis, strategies in planning a study,

    probability,  and  statistical  inference.    Technology,  projects,  writing  and  cooperative  group  problem

    solving are an integral part of this course.
     Accelerated Math 2/3
    Full Year - 2 credits 2 class periods
    This fast paced course covers Math year 2 and Math Year 3 curriculum in one year.  The students are in the class for 2 periods and recieve 2 credits of math. 

     Honors Pre-Calculus

    Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite:  Algebra 2

    Full year, 1 credit

    This  is a  rigorous  pre-AP/IB  course  equivalent  to  college  algebra  and  trigonometry  at  the  university.

    This  course  prepares  students  for  AP  Calculus  AB.    Using  algebraic  manipulation,  graphing  and

    application, the following topics will be emphasized:  functions, mathematical modeling, exponential and

    logarithmic equations, discrete mathematics and trigonometry.


    AP Calculus AB

    Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite:  Pre-Calculus

    Full year, 1 credit

    This is the rigorous mathematics course equivalent to a first semester calculus class at a university. This

    course prepares students to sit for AP examinations where a semester of college credit in calculus may be

    earned.  Topics emphasized are differential and integral calculus.


    AP Calculus BC

    Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite:  Calculus AB

    Full year, 1 credit

    This course is equivalent to a second semester calculus class at a university and prepares students to sit

    for AP examinations where a semester of college credit in calculus may be earned.   Topics emphasized

    are methods of integration, conic sections, hyperbolic functions, and polar coordinates.  This is a rigorous

    course designed to prepare students for the AP examination in this subject area.

    Accelerated AP Calculus AB/BC

    Grades 11-12

    Prerequisite: Honors Pre-Calculus

    Full year, 1 credit

    This course uses the College Board Syllabus for AB Calculus and for BC Calculus.  The curriculum is

    accelerated and only for top math students.  The class is also approved for dual credit and will enable

    students to earn two semesters of college math credit.

    Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations

    Grades 11-12

    Prerequisite:  AP Calculus BC

    Full year, 1 credit

    This course will be taught to juniors and seniors who completed AP Calculus BC their sophomore or

    junior year.  The curriculum covers Calculus 3 and differential equations (DEQ).  There is no AP exam for

    this course but students can get 4 college credits for the Multivariable Calculus (Calc 3) and 3 credits for

    DEQ through dual enrollment.

    Linear Algebra and Advanced Math Topics

    Grades 11-12

    Prerequisite:  AP Calculus BC

    Full year, 1 credit

    This college-level course includes the topics of introduction to matrices, theories of systems of linear
    equations, determinants, vector spaces, linear transformations and eigenvalues.  It emphasizes the
    development of computational skills and independent research.  Dual credit is an option for the linear
    algebra portion.


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