All CGCC courses require some form of placement testing or prerequisite. In most cases, Juniors and Seniors may use their HHS unweighted GPA, or passing ACT/SAT scores to meet the pre-requisite for DE classes. Freshmen and Sophomores can meet the pre-requisite needed for DE by testing with EdReady.  EdReady is a placement test that can be taken on-line in the student's home.  Dual Enrollment will use three Ed Ready placement tests: College Reading (for all DE classes that are not English or Math  EdReady English, and EdReady Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics  for MAT140, MAT141 and MAT142 (we are getting more information about higher Math classes). 


    • In order to take the placement tests you will need your MEID number. If you are a new dual student please Apply here to get an MEID Number. Returning dual students use your same MEID as last year.

    • The EdReady tests are available here.
    • Student-facing instructions for using EdReady for placement.

    • To help students understand how to use EdReady, a video guide is found on the Maricopa EdReady site. 

    • Accuplacer scores will be accepted for the last 5 years (previously they were only accepted for the last 2 years).


    • Placement chart, which includes the EdReady and Accuplacer placement scores.
    For more information contact CGCC at 480-732-7000