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    East Valley Institute of Technology
    1601 W. Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201
    (480) 461-4000 / http://www.evit.com/
    Hamilton High School has partnered with East Valley Institute of Technology. Located in the heart of Mesa, they offer specialized high school level technical training in 30 occupational training programs. EVIT students attend courses one-half of the day each day. The other half is spent at Hamilton High, completing core requirements. Transportation is provided between Hamilton and EVIT main campus. Students are required to adhere to EVIT's calendar of classes including attendance at EVIT during C.U.S.D intercessions. 

    EVIT FAQ's

    1.       When can I sign up? How do I sign up?


    During registration for your junior/senior write EVIT in for your elective  choices. An application will be provided for you and collected in April.




    2.       How many years do I have to attend EVIT?


    Most programs at EVIt are either one or two years. See www.EVIT.com  for specific information on the program you are interested in.




    3.       What programs does EVIT have available?


    From medical programs to cosmetology, EVIT has around 30 program options. Visit www.evit.com for more information.




    4.       Is transportation provided?


    Yes, students can access morning or afternoon buses from their home school. They also have the availability to use their own transportation.




    5.       What are the school hours of attending EVIT?


    School hours are basically the same as Hamilton’s school hours. The morning bus departs Hamilton around 7am.  The afternoon buses return to Hamilton around 3pm.




    6.       Where are the EVIT campuses?


    There are two EVIT campuses, the main campus is on Main Street between Dobson and Country Club and the second campus (Williamsfield)  is near Power Road and Ray Road – near Williams Gateway Airport.




    7.       What will my schedule look like at Hamilton if I am an EVIT student?


    You will take 3 to 4 core classes at Hamilton and attend EVIT for the remaining three electives. You may be required to take a zero hour or a 7th hour to complete your schedule.




    8.       How many credits do I earn while I attend EVIT?


    You earn three elective credits per year at EVIT.




    9.       What are the requirements to attend EVIT?


    Most programs require a minimum 2.5 GPA and be on track for graduation.




    10.   Can I attend EVIT after I graduate from Hamilton?


    Yes now you attend some programs even after you graduate for little or no cost. Call 480-461-4000 for more details.




    11.   What do the credits count for at EVIT?


    Elective credits with the exception of MC10 – you can receive lab science credit for this class.




    12.   How does EVIT Yearly schedule differ from Hamilton’s schedule?


    Because Chandler School District starts two weeks earlier than EVIT, you will be required to attend EVIT one week during the Fall and Spring Intersessions.




    13.   Are there costs associated with attending EVIT?


    There are some material fees for most programs. Cosmetology has the highest fees.




Last Modified on October 17, 2017