Educational Philosophy

    Creating and maintaining a productive, organized learning environment for students is of utmost importance to me as an educator.  A well-managed classroom that employs a variety of learning strategies to meet a variety of students at a range of different levels is a constant personal goal.

    Each student should be met with an atmosphere of academic rigor and challenging material coupled with high expectations that strive to stretch young minds and to make them grow.  Ideally, instruction will take a variety of different forms to meet students at their own level and to stretch them to the next.

    Academic standards, primarily from the state and also from other academic organizations, are the cornerstone of my own teaching environment and serve as the paramount objectives.  Clear communication of these standards, objectives, and expectations to students and parents allows for student and teacher goal-setting in the classroom.

    Strong classroom management and consistent discipline make all aspects of the educational experience run smoothly.  In a well-managed classroom, students can feel safe to not only learn but to step outside of their own comfort zones to open their minds.

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